Shopify Booster Theme Review

Shopify Booster Theme Review

Is this expensive theme really worth the price, or should you consider another option?

Why do others try to push it on you?

I have explored many other Shopify themes, and I wrote this unbiased Shopify Booster theme review in order to help you make an educated decision before you buy such a pricey theme, and to offer you other more affordable, and higher quality alternatives for your store.

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

Booster Theme Review Summary

  • Name: Shopify Booster Theme
  • Website:
  • Founders: Justine Binnette
  • Quality & Support: 7 of 10
  • Features & Ease of Use: 9 of 10
  • Design & Flexibility: 9 of 10
  • Value for Money: 7 of 10
  • Testimonials: 7 of 10
  • Price:
    • $250/Year for the1-Store License.
    • $400/Year for the 2-Store License.
    • $600/Year for the 5-Store License.
  • Good? Yes, but there are better alternatives below in this review.

Overall Rating: 7.8 of 10

Summary: Booster is a good Shopify theme that comes with some features that can help increase the conversions on your store, and with templates that can be used to customize your store to a certain niche or industry, but the price is high, and the user reviews are not that positive about the quality and support.

For better alternatives, check out the “3 Best Booster Theme Alternatives for Shopify” section in this Booster theme review.

Booster Features & How They Can Help Your Store

GEO-IP Recognition & Currency Converter

This feature from Booster automatically detects the country of the visitor of your store, and shows the prices in their currency.

This helps in getting shoppers more comfortable with your store as if it was in their own country, which increases convenience, affinity and trust and helps convert more visitors into buyers.

Countdown Timer & Scarcity Counter

These are used to show how many units are left of each item, and for how long the sale will continue, which helps in pushing shoppers into making a purchase fearing that they would miss out on the opportunity.

Booster Theme Scarcity Tools

Expected Delivery Time

On the product page, you can show the shoppers how many days the product is expected to need until it reaches them if they make a purchase now.

This helps in avoiding doubts and showing transparency in order to increase trust, and saves you time instead of answering many questions about shipping times.

Product LookBook

This feature helps you show the products you sell surrounded with other products, or in a certain place.

This can be very useful for home and kitchen related items, or for selling art pieces, as shoppers can see how these items look in the place where they would be placed, which makes it easier to decide if they want to get these items or not.

Booster Theme Lookbook

FB Messenger Chat

An easy way to offer quick customer support is by integrating the Facebook Messenger to your Shopify store with Booster theme, so that shoppers can instantly connect with you and ask the questions in their mind, which can help in converting more interested visitors into real buyers.

Direct to Checkout – Buy-it-Now Button

This feature helps your customers to add the product they are browsing to their cart and redirects them immediately to the checkout page all in one click.

Booster Theme Buy it Now

Without it, customers would need to click three times and load another page (cart page) before they finally reach the checkout page.

You might think that this is feature is not important, but it is a very important and useful one.

Amazon has invented and patented the 1-Click Buy button because they know that with every step you remove from the purchasing process, you increase the conversion rates significantly, and this is what this feature of Booster helps you to do with Shopify.

Free+Shipping Buttons

This feature helps you to easily customized the “Add to Cart” button for the products that you offer for free, but you require the customer to pay shipping, in order to say something different.

I think that this is the least important feature of the Shopify Booster theme as the Free+Shipping model is not really feasible anymore, except for few cases.

Social Proof Notifications

This feature allows you to show your store’s visitor fake notifications about orders that other people are making on your store, which helps in giving a social proof and trust in your store.

Upsells & Cross-sells

This important feature helps you increase the average order value of your Shopify store by offering other products, either as an upgrade or as complimentary products, to be purchased with the same product someone has added to their cart.

Booster Theme Upsell Popup

This way you make more sales with the same advertising budget and efforts, which means higher profit and ROI.

Additional Notes Box

With this feature of Booster, you can show a box at the cart page for the customer to give you some instructions about a certain item, like if they want to ask you not to send an invoice because they are sending the product as a gift for example.

Recently Seen Products

This one shows the store visitor the products they previously viewed on your Shopify store that is using the Booster theme, so that you remind them of these products and offer them a quick way to get back to them and add them to their cart without having to load many pages.

Frequently Bought Together Recommendations

Similar to the same feature on Amazon, another great way to increase the cart value is to show other complimentary items to the one the shopper is viewing, and these items could be better purchased together.

Frequently Bought Together Booster

Related Products

Similar to the previous features, you can show other items related to what someone is browsing, but they are not necessarily complimentary and need to be purchased together.

This could be good for general stores where you have many categories, and you want to show other products in the same category of the product the shopper is exploring.

Smart Mega Menu

An easy way to help your customers navigate your store and find what they are looking for more quickly instead of leaving your store to find it somewhere else.

This menu helps you show a dropdown list with photos when the shopper hovers over any item in the top menu.

Quick Buy

Like with Shoptimized theme, this feature helps the customer to add a certain product to their cart without visiting its dedicated page.

They click the “Add to Cart” button after they hover over the product card, and the product will be immediately added to the cart without visiting the product page.

Booster Theme Quick Buy Button

Sticky ATC

For more convince for the customers, you can set a bar to show the ATC button on the top of the screen as someone is scrolling up and down on a certain product page.

This makes it much easier and faster to add a certain product to the cart without getting annoyed looking for it when they are on a long product page.

Slideout Cart

This feature shows the cart on the right side of the screen when someone clicks the cart icon.

Booster Slideout Cart

This means that people can view and edit the cart without having to go forth and back from one product page to the cart page, and then go back to the product page.

Customer Reviews

One of the important and effective ways to increase your Shopify store’s sales is to show reviews by other customers who loved your products and are satisfied with the experience on your store.

Booster Product Reviews

Just think about it, when you visit Amazon looking for a product, and you find the same item sold from two merchants, one with twenty reviews with a high rating, and the other with zero reviews, which one do you buy from?

Email Signup Form

Email marketing is an effective way of doing repeated advertising at a very low cost.

You basically need to pay for the autoresponder software that would send emails to your customers, but there are options with free plans such as the Shopify Email app.

This feature of Booster theme allows you to easily add the signup form in the footer of your Shopify store, or anywhere on the home page, in order to invite visitors to join your list in exchange of a certain perk, like a one-time discount code.

After that, you can reach out to them on multiple occasions in order to tell them about new arrivals or new promotions.

Maps for Local Businesses

Do you have a physical shop or business that is associated with your Shopify store?

Sometimes people prefer to see stuff in front of them before buying them, or maybe you have a coffee house and you serve customers in-house in addition to delivering orders to their places.

This feature makes it easier for your customers to locate and visit your place with the map you can add to your Shopify store using the booster theme.

Booster Theme Location Map

Phone Number, Email, & Social Icons in Top Banner

This banner allows you to add contact information for your store’s visitors to reach out and ask for the details that they can’t easily find on the store.

Questions could be about the origin of the product, expected delivery time, possibility to pay taxes on their purchase, …etc.

Many people are just too bored to look for the answer, and prefer to either be able to contact you through phone to get an instant answer, or they would leave to look for the same product on Amazon or on Google.

Predictable Search with Images

A really helpful feature that works similar to the autocompletetion search feature on Amazon, but additionally, this feature on Booster theme can show the images of the products suggested, not only the name.

Booster Theme Predictive Search

This makes it much faster for the shopper to reach the exact product they want to buy.

Built-in Styles

This feature is a very helpful one as Booster comes with many built-in templates that are customized to stores in different industries, such as Jewelry, Bikes, Pets, ….etc.

This can be a true time saver as you choose the template that is closest to your store’s products, and then you customized it based on your exact branding and niche.

This is similar to the Empire theme from Pixel Union, or like Out of the Sandbox Turbo theme.

Shopify Booster Theme Templates

As I mentioned earlier, Booster theme comes with many built-in styles to choose from and save time and effort, and they cover many industries, such as:

  • Snowboards
  • Madore
  • Bike Shop
  • Yoga
  • Kitchen
  • Home
  • CBD shop
  • Pet Store
  • Coffee House
  • Jewelry Store

Booster Theme Templates

Booster Theme Example Shopify Stores

I couldn’t find real Shopify stores that use the Booster theme on their website, but if you are interested in checking out how this theme looks in action, you can check the demo stores as in the following section.

Shopify Booster Theme Demo

You can explore many demo stores for the Booster theme through the links on their site.

Scroll down to where they page talks about the available templates, and click on the name of any industry, and then click on the image beside it in order to open the related demo store in a new window.

Real Booster User Reviews

You can find users reviews on the Booster Shopify theme on Trustpilot, and there are many of them.

There are many complaints about the quality of the theme, the bugs, and the support team, where the overall rating is 3.2-star of 5, which is really disappointing as Booster is a premium theme, and it is an expensive one.

Booster Theme User Reviews

Booster Theme Price

Booster theme for Shopify is an expensive theme, and it is sold through any of the three following plans:

  • 1-Store License: $250/Year.
  • 2-Store License: $400/Year.
  • 5-Store License: $600/Year.

These are high prices in my opinion, especially that you need to pay the same amount of money every year in order to get the support and the updates.

The number one Shopify theme, which you will find in the following section for the Booster theme alternatives, costs more than $250, but you pay once, and get lifetime free updates with it.

Booster Theme Price

The only good thing about Booster is that there’s a 14-day satisfaction guarantee where you can request a refund if you don’t like the theme.

Booster Theme Free Download

Booster theme for Shopify is not available for free, and if you find any free version, it would be a pirated version, and mostly an outdated one, which will cause security threats and functionality problems on your Shopify store, and will make you lose sales and money.

If you think that Booster is expensive, then here are better alternatives.

3 Best Booster Theme Alternatives

There are many alternatives to the Booster theme that I can recommend to you, but here are three of them, and you can choose the one you need based on your situation and budget:

1 – Flex by Out of the Sandbox – Best Overall

My #1 recommended Shopify theme as it comes from a company that is owned by Shopify itself, and it comes with free lifetime updates.

It comes with many templates/styles that you get together when you buy it, and you choose the one you want to use based on your store and brand.

Flex theme costs more than Booster at the beginning, but you only pay for it once, and you get free lifetime updates, unlike Booster that requires you to pay every year.

With Booster, on the beginning of the next year, you would have paid more than the one-time fee of Flex, and you still need to pay every following year.

For more details, dead my full Flex theme review and discount code.

2 – eCom Turbo by Frank Hatchett – Best Price

This is a good theme that is sold at around one-third of the price of Booster theme, and it comes with lifetime updates without having to pay the next year.

Even the unlimited plan of eCom Turbo, which offers you to install on as many stores as you want, costs less than the 1-store license of Booster theme.

Read my eCom Turbo theme review to learn more about it.

3 – Debutify – Free Plan

This is a quality Shopify theme that offers lots of useful features, but requires a monthly subscription plan in order to get them.

However, there’s a free plan that offers you some of the premium features.

Learn more about it in my Debutify theme review.

Pro’s & Con’s of Booster Theme


  • Many built-in templates that can save you time.
  • Many conversion-boosting features.
  • There’s a 14-day satisfaction guarantee where you can ask for a refund if you didn’t like it.


  • Very expensive, and you still need to pay annually in order to keep getting updates.
  • The Booster theme user reviews on Trustpilot are not positive about it, especially that this is a very expensive theme.
  • No free plan to try it.
  • From the Booster user reviews, the support doesn’t seem to be that efficient.
  • Some essential features are missing like the pop-up message to collect emails and advanced filtering options.

Who Is Booster Theme for?

Booster theme can be good for Shopify store owners in different niches and industries, especially that it comes with many built-in styles to choose from.

It also comes with some features that can help boost conversions on your store, and save money instead of paying for different apps.

The problem is that it is very expensive, requires you to pay annual fees in order to get support and updates, and the user testimonials are not that good about it.

Booster Theme Support

The support of Booster Shopify theme is available through the developer’s website, where you can submit a ticket, and they promise to reply within 1-2 business days.

Booster Theme Support

There’s no phone number or live chat.

There are many articles and video tutorials on how to use the theme on their website.

Conclusion – Is Booster Theme Worth it?

The features of Booster theme are really good and paying for, but not annually in my opinion.

Booster theme is a bit expensive and requires an annual payment of the full price in order to maintain it updated and supported.

And the rating based on reviews about the theme and the support from real users is not that high.

Honestly, I would expect much better from such an expensive theme.

If you want to try the Booster theme on your store, then there’s a 14-day satisfaction guarantee where you can ask for a refund if you didn’t like it.

But if you don’t want to try Booster, you can pick any of the three alternatives I mentioned above.

I hope that you liked my honest and unbiased Booster theme review.

If you still have a question about anything mentioned here, please, feel free to ask me in the comments’ section below, and I will be happy to answer you asap 🙂

Shopify Booster Theme


Quality & Support


Features & Ease of Use


Design & Flexibility


Value for Money





  • Built-in Templates
  • Conversion-Boosting Features
  • 14-Day Satisfaction Guarnatee


  • Very Expensive
  • Requires Annual Payments to Get Updates
  • Many Negative User Reviews
  • No Free Plan
  • Misses Some Essential Features

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