5 Best Customizable Shopify Themes

Best Customizable Shopify Themes

Looking for the most and best customizable Shopify theme to add branding and make your store look unique and more trustworthy?

There are many options out there, but how do you choose the best one to serve your store and business on the short, and long run, and without falling in the endless cycle of bugs, errors, support tickets, and continuous fees?

After reviewing ten’s of Shopify themes, I can help you with the top five options for customizing your Shopify store with ease, and without breaking the bank.

Let’s dive in!

5 Best Customizable Shopify Themes

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Flex Theme

  • Customizability: High
  • Developer: Out of the Sandbox (Shopify-owned company)
  • Price: $450 (One-time payment)
  • Updates: Free
  • Built-in Styles: Yes
  • Features: A lot

Flex theme is probably the most customizable Shopify theme you can find, and it is the highest in quality.

Flex Most Customizable Shopify Theme

This theme allows for the following customization and configuration capabilities:

  • Different general store layouts with horizontal or vertical navigation.
  • Four header and four footer styles to choose from.
  • Three product page layouts.
  • Flexibility in designing the collection page by showing advanced filters or hiding them.
  • Ability to add up to 10 mega menus with 6 columns in each one.
  • Advanced CSS customization from the theme editor.
  • 13 Done-for-you styles to choose from based on your niche and brand, so that you save time and effort instead of starting from scratch.
  • Suits one product stores, small, medium and large inventory stores
  • Big icon library to use for buttons and sections and let them match your brand.
    Customizable Shopify Flex Styles

This list of customization options for Flex theme make it the most configurable Shopify theme.

However, there are still other reasons that make it my #1 recommended Shopify theme, such as:

  • Countless of features that can be used for branding and to increase conversions, AOV, and customer LTV.
  • Flex was created and is maintained by Out of the Sandbox, which is a company that is owned by Shopify itself, which ensures the highest quality and reliability.
  • It comes with lifetime free updates despite the one-time payment.
  • It comes with 14-day money back guarantee, which makes it safe to try, unlike most of the other Shopify themes that don’t offer refunds.

The price of Flex is not the lowest, but it is worth every penny for the reasons above.

Remember that most third-party Shopify themes require you to keep paying on continuous basis in order to keep getting the updates, which means that you end up paying more than what you would pay to get the quality, reliable, and highly customizable Flex theme.

And anyway, some of the paid themes cost even more than Shopify, and many of them require a monthly or an annual payment in order to keep getting the updates or to enjoy their premium features, unlike Flex that comes with lifetime free updates.

You can read my Flex theme review in order to learn more about this theme and get my exclusive coupon code.

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Superstore Theme

  • Customizability: High
  • Developer: Pixel Union (Shopify-owned company)
  • Price: $280 One-time payment
  • Updates: Free
  • Built-in Styles: Yes
  • Features: Many

Another great and highly customizable Shopify theme that comes from a company that is owned by Shopify itself.

This means higher quality, reliability, regular updates, and great support.

Superstore Shopify Customizable Theme


This theme was created mainly for merchants with big catalog of products, and for wholesalers who use Shopify.

Superstore Shopify theme comes with a wide range of design flexibility and customization through the following:

  • Advanced CSS customization from the theme editor.
  • Customizing the header with different available layout and navigation options .
  • Changing the site width.
  • Customization for the home page with many sections and elements such as: featured collections and products, Google map, slideshows, video, images with text overlay, email signup form, …etc.
  • Customizing the cart and checkout page by adding elements like the special instructions box, shipping calculator.
  • Collection page customization with elements like the multi-tag filtering.
  • Product page customization with different sections like the related products and color swatches.
  • 4 Built-in presets that you can choose from.

Superstore Theme Customizability Options

This one is probably the most similar to Flex, the most customizable Shopify theme I could find, especially with the CSS customization from theme editor feature.

It is sold at a lower price, but has less built-in styles or presets than Flex and Turbo.

Other reasons why Superstore is a great Shopify theme in addition to its customizability are:

  • Created and maintained by Pixel Union, which is owned by Shopify that will ensure the highest quality standards and regular updates for reliable performance.
  • Suitable for large inventory and wholesale stores.
  • Lots of sales-boosting features that can save you money instead of using many paid apps to get them.
  • Free updates with the one-time payment price.
  • 14-Day money back guarantee.

These all make Superstore a good customizable theme to consider for your Shopify store.

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Turbo by OOTSB

  • Customizability: High
  • Developer: Out of the Sandbox (Shopify-owned company)
  • Price: $350 (One-time payment)
  • Updates: Free
  • Built-in Styles: Yes
  • Features: A lot

Turbo theme is another great Shopify theme with a big range of customization options that can help you brand your store and add the functionalities that can help your business.

Shopify Turbo Customizable Styles

Some of the things that allow you to customize the Turbo Shopify theme are:

  • Customizing the home page by choosing which sections/elements to be used such as: feature collection and product, contact form, video section, Google map, newsletter section and pop-up, …etc.
  • Header customization with: announcement bar, cart icon options, currency converter, dropdown menu, mega menu, interactive mini cart, phone number, predictive Search, social icons, …etc.
  • Footer customization.
  • Cart page customization like adding the shipping rate calculator.
  • Product page customization options such as: color swatch, shape options, configurable sidebar, full-width banner template, quantity box, recently viewed products, image gallery options, integrated Shopify reviews, product details template, related products, size chart, …etc.
  • Collection page customization through: collection sorting & filtering, Multi-tag filter in sidebar, color swatches below product thumbnail, configurable sidebar, full-width top banner image, multiple pagination options.
  • Six built-in styles to choose from. (You get all of them when you pay once for the theme)

As you can see, Turbo by Out of the Sandbox offers a wide range of flexibility on almost all pages and the different sections such as the header and the footer.

Shopify Turbo Customization Options

The main differences from the best customizable Shopify theme above, Flex, is that Turbo doesn’t offer built-in layouts with the main menu on the left side like it is with Flex, and it doesn’t offer easy CSS customization.

But in general, Turbo is one of the most customizable themes that you can use for your Shopify stores.

And here are some reasons that make Turbo by Out of the Sandbox one of the best options beside its customizability:

  • Created and maintained by a Shopify-owned company, which guarantees the highest standards.
  • Free updates with the one time payment.
  • Was created to focus on speed in the first place, which is important for conversions and even for SEO and other advertising methods.
  • Lots of features that can help in increasing your stores revenue and profit.
  • 14-Day money back guarantee.

All of these benefits and that range of customizability make the price of Turbo really reasonable, as many other Shopify themes offer less customizability, fewer features, and lower quality support, and they are sold at a higher price than Turbo as they require a monthly or an annual payment if you want to get updates.

Read my Out of the Sandbox Turbo theme review to learn more about highly customizable Shopify theme, and see how you can get my exclusive 10% discount coupon.

eCom Turbo

  • Customizability: Good
  • Developer: Franklin Hatchett (Ecom Elites founder)
  • Price: Three plans available $97 for 1-store license, $127 for 3-store license, $147 for unlimited stores. All one-time payment.
  • Updates: Free
  • Built-in Styles: No
  • Features: Good range

eCom Turbo is one of the best 3-rd party developers Shopify themes that come with customization options, and it is sold at a low price as it comes with free updates despite the one-time payment.

This Shopify theme offers the following customization options:

  • Customization for the different elements of the home page and even product pages of your store.
  • Customizing the pop-up window that you can use to collect emails for later promotions.
  • Scarcity timer and quantity counter customization.
  • Upsell pop-up customization.
  • Two footer styles to choose from, and you can customize any of them.
  • CTA Button customization for the shape, color and text.
  • Customizable sales ticker for social proof.
  • Different options for trust badges.
  • Checkout page buttons customization.
eCom Turbo Customizable Shopify Theme

Maybe eCom Turbo doesn’t have as many customization options as Flex & Turbo by Out of the Sandbox, and doesn’t come with built-in presets, but it has the minimum that you might need as a start, especially if you are doing dropshipping with a general store.

Other reasons to consider the eCom Turbo Shopify theme beside its customizability are:

eCom Turbo Customization Options

Overall, eCom Turbo theme offers good flexibility for beginners who are using Shopify to sell online and have a limited budget.

You can learn more about this customizable Shopify theme in my eCom Turbo theme review.


  • Customizability: High
  • Developer: Chris Gems (EcomSolid’s owner)
  • Price: Three plans available $0/month, $19/month, $39/month
  • Updates: As long as you pay.
  • Built-in Styles: Yes
  • Features: Good range

EcomSolid is a relatively new theme that was developed by an independent developer.

Shopify EcomSolid Customizable Theme

The theme comes with a good range of customization for your Shopify store, as it offers the following:

  • Customization any section on your store.
  • Different product page presets.
  • Pre-made templates to choose based on your brand and product catalog.
  • Use more than one pre-made template at the same time with the paid plans.
  • Built-in landing page builder to help you create customized, high-converting pages for certain products.

The built-in landing page builder of EcomSolid is the one that out stands the most when it comes to finding good customizable Shopify themes, as other themes usually don’t have this builder, but rather, you need to use an expensive, independent tool that costs more than the monthly fee of EcomSolid’s paid plans.

Other reasons why EcomSolid is a great Shopify theme regardless of the customization capabilities include:

  • It offers a free plan that gives you many of the premium add-on’s and offers some good range of flexibility with the built-in landing page that you can use even with this plan.
  • Auto updater app.
  • Many sales-boosting features that you can use in order to increase revenue on your Shopify store.
EcomSolid Customizable Theme Options

It is important to know that with EcomSolid’s Professional and Premium plans, you need to keep paying the monthly fee in order to keep using all of their features and customization options, in addition to the updates.

Another downfall is that you can use up to only 5 sales-boosting add-on’s at the same time.

While with the most customizable Shopify theme above, Flex, you pay once, get all the features, customization, built-in styles, and you get free updates on the theme.

But EcomSolid’s free plan makes it a good Shopify theme with some customization ability.

You can read my EcomSolid theme review in order to learn more about it.

How to Pick The Right Shopify Theme for Customization?

I gave you the five best customizable Shopify themes that would suit your store’s needs.

Each one might suit you as a Shopify merchant, based on:

  • The customization level you need.
  • Your experience with CSS customization.
  • The need for preset templates to start with.
  • Your budget.
  • The size of the product catalog.

Flex theme is my number one option for Shopify stores customization, and Superstore theme is just behind it.

These two are probably the most customizable Shopify themes and they allow for advanced CSS customization from the theme editor.

While Flex theme is higher in price, but it gives more customization options than the Shopify Superstore theme, and offers more built-in styles.

Turbo by Out of the Sandbox is a very robust theme with many features that can help you customize your Shopify store with ease, but it is not easy to do CSS customization as the two mentioned above.

eCom Turbo however, comes more with a minimalist design, yet with many conversion-boosting features that can be customized individually, and it is sold at a low price with lifetime updates.

It doesn’t come with preset templates, which makes it good for people trying to do dropshipping on Shopify in my opinion.

EcomSolid have a free plan that you can start with if you don’t have the money to invest with any of the other customizable Shopify themes, and later, you can either upgrade to one of its paid plans, or you can buy one of the other themes.


There you go, I have listed for you the five best customizable Shopify themes and how to pick the one that suits your needs best.

Three of these five themes where developed by companies that are owned by Shopify itself, which ensures the highest quality standards, one by an independent developer with a one-time payment, and one with a free plan that offers some premium features and good customization.

If you still have any question, or if you need help in choosing the right customizable theme for your Shopify store, then please, tell me about your store in the comments section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

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