Debutify Theme Review – Why Is This Shopify Theme Different?

Debutify Theme Review
What makes this Shopify theme so special and different from other themes out there?

Is it really the best free or paid theme for Shopify store owners?

This Debutify theme review will help you learn what makes this theme unique, and if it can help you increase the conversions and the customer lifetime value, or if there’s a better alternative.

Debutify Theme Review

  • Name: Debutify Theme for Shopify
  • Website:
  • Founders: Raphael Bergeron
  • Quality & Support: 9.5 of 10
  • Features & Ease of Use: 9.5 of 10
  • Design & Flexibility: 9.7 of 10
  • Value for Money: 9.4 of 10
  • Testimonials: 9 of 10
  • Price: Free Plan Available. Paid Plans as Follows:
    • Starter: $17/Month or $114/Year (Save 50%).
    • Hustler: $47/Month or $282/Year (Save 50%).
    • Master: $97/Month or $582/Year (Save 50%).
  • Recommended? Yes

Overall Rating: 9.4 of 100

Summary: Debutify Theme is one of the best free and paid Shopify themes out there as it offers a wide range of flexibility and many features and add-ons that help increase conversions and revenue.

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What Is Debutify?

Debutify is a store theme that you can use for Shopify stores in order to customize it to fit your branding, industry, and audience.

What Is Debutify?

The theme also has some good built-in features and add-ons that can help increase your store’s revenue, as you will see in the following sections.

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5 Things That Make Debutify Unique

Debutify is a unique Shopify theme when compared to other free and premium Shopify themes for many reasons, including:

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1 – Debutify Offers Free & Paid Plans

Most of the Shopify themes are either free themes with very few features and limited customizability, or paid themes with medium customizability and some features.

However, Debutify offers both, free and paid plans.

And the nice thing is that even the free plan of Debutify theme offers lots of customizability and built-in features that don’t exist in free and even many paid Shopify themes, as you will see below.

And you can always switch between the different Debutify plans.

This makes it very safe to try the Debutify theme with the free plan that is already superior to other free Shopify themes, and you can stick to it, or you can upgrade anytime to one of the paid plans in order to get more features.

2 – Debutify Offers Paid Plans That Differ in Features

For almost all the popular paid Shopify themes, all the paid plans offer the same feature, but they differ in the number of stores that you can use them with.

But with Debutify, the main difference between the paid plans is that each plan offers more features than the lower plan, and it offers a certain number of add-ons that you can use on your store.

And for the Master Debutify theme plan, in addition to the additional features, and add-ons, it allows you to use the theme on multiple Shopify stores.

3 – Debutify Theme Is Highly Customizable

The vast majority of paid Shopify themes are very limited when it comes to customizing the different front end elements of the store, such as the home page, the header, the footer, the product page, …etc.

Flex theme by Out of the Sandbox is an exception as it offers different layouts and CSS customization.

But Debutify offers a lot of customization ability regardless of which plan you have, including the free one.

You can customize the header by making it sticky or transparent, and choose the navigation location (right, left, center, hidden).

Debutify Customization

For the footer, you can customize the menus, text, image, and social media buttons, and you can change the column order and the payment icons, in addition to the email & phone links.

And you can customize the slide show, product page, related products, …etc.

4 – Debutify Has Many Built-in Features to Increase Conversions

Every Shopify theme has its own built-in features that help in increasing conversion rates and average order value.

And for some of the features, you can hardly find them in any paid theme, and you need a dedicated app to get them.

However, Debutify, in its paid and free plans, offers a lot of very useful features that other paid themes don’t have, such as the geolocation detection and the currency converter, the customizability options in the previous point, product testimonials, product page navigation and related products.

Debutify Currency Converter

And all of these features are available in order to help you improve the user experience, which helps in increasing the conversion rate, and increase the average order value.

With these features and the customizability mentioned earlier, the free plan of Debutify makes it really the best free Shopify theme out there.

5 – Debutify Has Many Useful Add-On’s to Choose from

In addition to the many built-in features that you can get with all Debutify plans, including the free one, there are many add-ons that you can choose to add to your Shopify store based on your need, and based on what plan you have.

These add-ons can also be used in order to increase conversion rates such as the direct-to-checkout add-on, average order value like it is with the upsell pop-up and bundles, and customer lifetime value like it is with the customer wish list add-on.

Debutify Sticky ATC Button

For the free plan, you can only get the built-in features, which are already superior to many free and even paid Shopify themes.

And for the paid Starter plan, you can choose any three add-ons based on your need, and you can replace any of them anytime.

While with the Hustler and Master Debutify plans, you get all the Add-ons.

Debutify Theme Built-in Features

As I mentioned earlier, Debutify has many built-in features that can help you increase your store’s revenue, and here are some of them:

1 – Currency Converter

This feature allows your Shopify store to automatically detect the country of your store’s visitor, and make the necessary conversion in order to show the price in their currency, which helps in giving the necessary level of trust and relevance that lead to increasing the conversion rate.

2 – Product Sliders

These are sliders that show a number of featured products on your store’s homepage, which you can use to show the best-selling products or new products.

3 – Customizable Slideshow

This is a slideshow that you can use to show images relevant to your niche, brand, and audience.

4 – Customizable Header

One of the most important features that help you customize the look of your Shopify store, which is rarely available with other paid themes, is that you can customize the header with Debutify.

You can change the location of the navigation menu, make the header transparent or make it sticky, and add a transparent logo over the slide show.

5 – Customizable Footer

This is also a good Debutify feature that allows for further customization for the look of your store by changing the order of the columns in the footer, adding social media icons, showing the payment options available on your store, and adding email and phone links.

6 – Guarantee Bar

This is a bar where you can add trust badges, shipping guarantees, refund guarantee, …etc., which all help in encouraging the store visitors to trust your brand and make a purchase.

7 – Product Images

All Shopify themes allow you to add product images, but Debutify also offers a slider for the featured image, zoom on hover, and allows for left/right alignment, and these are not available with all Shopify themes.

8 – Product Details

Debutify allows for making the product details and add-to-cart button sticky while scrolling down on the product page, and allow to make the add-to-cart button go full-width, which might encourage the visitor to take action.

9 – Related Products

This feature is also hard to find in free themes, and even many paid themes don’t have it.

Basically, this feature allows you to show the customer other products that are relevant to the product you they are browsing at the moment, which could help increase the average order value.

Debutify Product Page

10 – Product Testimonials

Testimonials or reviews from previous customers can increase the trust and give a social proof, which helps in pushing the store visitor into buying from your store.

And Debutify allows you to add a slider for customer reviews under the product page, which is also a feature that is not easy to find in paid Shopify themes, let alone free themes.

So, these ten features come built-in with the Debutify Shopify theme regardless of which plan you get, including the free plan.

Debutify Theme Add-On’s

In addition to the built-in features in the previous section above in this Debutify theme review, Debutify offers more than 30 add-ons that you can use in order to get other functionalities and features that can also increase your store’s conversion rates, average order value, and customer lifetime value, including:

  • Add-to-cart animation
  • Cart countdown
  • Cart discount
  • Cart goal to offer free shipping or discount after reaching certain order value
  • Chat box to increase trust
  • Collection add-to-cart to make it easy to add more items together
  • Color swatches to change the featured image automatically when selecting a specific color
  • Cookie box for GDPR compliance
  • Delivery time
  • Discount Saved
  • F.A.Q page to answer the questions that customers usually ask before deciding whether to buy or not
  • Inventory quantity to invoke scarcity
  • Linked options
  • Live view to show the number of other people viewing the same product
  • Mega menu
  • Newsletter pop-up to collect emails and send promotions for free later Debutify Exit Pop-Up
  • Pricing table to show a comparison between different variants that differ in price
  • Product tabs
  • Product video to be displayed with the product image collection Debutify Product Video Add-On
  • Quantity break to offer discounts based on the quantity someone buys (buy 2 get 10% off for example)
  • Quick view
  • Sales countdown
  • Sales pop to show notifications that others bought this product
  • Shop protect to prevent other store owners from copying the content on your store to use it on their stores
  • Skip cart feature to allow visitor go directly from product page to checkout page and increase conversion rate
  • Smart search
  • Sticky add-to-cart that will remain on the screen even when the visitor scrolls down
  • Trust badge
  • Upsell bundles to offer other products to be purchased with the current product (Like the “Frequently Bought Together” feature on Amazon) Debutify Upsell Bundle
  • Upsell pop-up to offer relevant products when someone decides to buy a certain product
  • Wish list to enable customers to bookmark certain products and pick up where they left off when they come back.

As you can see, these Debutify add-ons that you can use on your Shopify could help you increase the conversion rate by improving the user experience and increase the trust in your store, in addition to offering bundles and upsells that would increase the average order value and customer lifetime value.

How Many Debutify Add-On’s Can You Use at The Same Time?

It depends on your plan.

For the Free Debutify plan, you can only use the built-in features

With the Starter Debutify plan, you can choose any three of the available add-ons and use them at the same time based on your needs.

And you can remove a certain add-on and add a different one anytime you want.

And for the Hustler and Master Debutify plans, you can use any number of the available add-ons, or even all of them at the same time.

Debutify Theme Integrations

In addition to the built-in features and the add-ons, Debutify Hustler and Master plans offer you integrations with other services and tools that can help you in managing your store efficiently, and in increasing the customer satisfaction and lifetime value.

Debutify Theme Integrations

Some of these integrations are related to dropshipping services like CJ Dropshipping, marketing like the TxtCart app that helps in using SMS to stay connecting with your customers, increasing customer loyalty and repeat customers like Growave.

Debutify Theme Preview & Demo

On the website, there’s a link to a demo Shopify store that is built with Debutify theme, and you can navigate it in order to see the user experience, features and add-ons in action.

Debutify Theme Tutorials

On the Add-on’s page on, you can find videos that show you how to use every add-on on your store.

Also, there is a YouTube channel for Debutify that includes lots of tutorials on how to use the theme, in addition to tutorials about Shopify, ecom, dropshipping, and marketing.

Debutify Theme Pricing Plans

Debutify theme offers four pricing plans, as follows:

1 – Free Debutify Plan

  • Costs $0/month.
  • Allows you to use Debutify theme on one Shopify store.
  • Offers you all the Debutify built-in features mentioned earlier in this Debutify review.
  • Facebook group access for support.

>>>Click Here to Download Debutify Theme for Free<<<

2 – Starter Debutify Plan

  • Costs $17/month or $114/year (you save 50%).
  • Allows you to use the theme on one Shopify store.
  • Offers you all the built-in features.
  • Use any 3 add-ons you choose, and change them anytime.
  • Allows for Integrations with different services and tools mentioned earlier.
  • Support through live chat, email, and a Facebook group.

3 – Hustler Debutify Plan

  • Costs $47/month or $282/year (you save 50%).
  • Allows you to use the theme on one Shopify store.
  • Offers you all the built-in features.
  • Use as many as you want of the available 30+ add-ons, including the ones to be added in the future.
  • Allows for Integrations with different services and tools mentioned earlier.
  • Support through live chat, email, and a Facebook group.

4 – Master Debutify Plan

  • Costs $97/month or $582/year (you save 50%).
  • Allows you to use the theme on three Shopify stores.
  • Offers you all the built-in features.
  • Use as many as you want of the available 30+ add-ons, including the ones to be added in the future.
  • Allows for Integrations with different services and tools mentioned earlier.
  • Support through live chat, email, and a Facebook group.
  • Mentoring.
  • Product research tool.
  • Advanced courses.

Note that you can cancel your Debutify subscription anytime you want, but you need first to cancel it from the app before you uninstall it from your store so that you stop the billing.

As you can see, the free plan alone makes Debutify the best free Shopify theme out there, and even better than many of the paid themes due to the built-in features and customizability.

And the paid Debutify plans offer you flexibility in getting additional features through add-ons, and even offers flexibility in paying monthly or yearly.

If you compare Debutify to other known paid themes like Booster or Shoptimized, Debutify offers a much better value for money with all the built-in features and add-ons it offers.

Many of the features Debutify gives you would otherwise require you to use paid apps that will cost you more money and will cause your store to become slow.

Debutify Monthly Plans

Beside Flex Turbo by Out of the Sandbox, Debutify is one of the best and highest converting paid Shopify themes out there.

And it is the best free Shopify theme out there.

If you are still not sure, or if you don’t have the money to get any of the paid plans, then you can still get the free Debutify plan, and you can upgrade later to a paid plan when you have the money and want to use the add-ons.

Debutify Theme Free Download

You can download Debutify theme for free and use it on your Shopify store from the official website through the following link.

>>>Debutify Theme Free Download<<<

Pro’s & Con’s of Debutify Shopify Theme


  • Free plan is available.
  • Flexible payment for the paid plans (monthly or yearly).
  • Paid plans differ based on the number of add-ons you want to use.
  • Very customizable, even with the free plan, which helps in branding and in making your store unique and trustworthy.
  • Lots of built-in features that are designed to increase conversions and revenue, that are usually unavailable even in many paid themes.
  • Many add-ons that can help in increasing conversions, average order value, and customer lifetime value.
  • Many integrations with apps and tools that would help you better manage your store and increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value on the long run.
  • Lots of tutorials and podcasts available from Debutify on the theme, add-ons, Shopify, dropshipping, and marketing.
  • Support is offered through email, live chat, and a Facebook group for paid plans, and through Facebook for the free plan.
  • You can cancel the paid plan anytime, and you can upgrade or downgrade from one Debutify plan to another as you like.
  • Debutify gives you all the updates as you use the theme.
  • Thousands of positive Debutify reviews on Trustpilot from real users.

Debutify User Reviews


  • There’s no refund for the paid plans, but you can cancel anytime you want, and there’s a free plan to try the theme for as long as you want and get comfortable in making your decision.

Who Is Debutify Theme for?

Debutify is a great theme for anyone who wants to create a brandable Shopify store, whether for dropshipping or any other ecom business model, customize it to make it unique, and use the available features and integrations to increase the conversions and revenue on the short and long run.

It is a theme that gives premium features even with the free plan.

Debutify Theme Support

Debutify offers support to the users of the paid plans through email, live chat, and through a Facebook group.

And for the free users, through the Facebook group.

But on top of that, there are many helpful tutorials and podcasts from Debutify about the theme itself. Shopify, e-commerce, and marketing in general, which are available for everyone.

Conclusion – Is Debutify Theme Worth it?

Debutify theme is worth using for your Shopify store, whether through the free plan or through any of the paid plans.

The flexibility it gives you in customizing your store, the built-in features, the add-ons, the available integrations, the free and paid pricing plans make Debutify really the best free Shopify theme, and one of the very best paid Shopify themes out there.

There’s really no risk in trying out Debutify on your Shopify store, at least with the free plan as a start.

This is my conclusion of this Debutify theme review.

If you still have any doubts or any question about this theme, please, tell me in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

Debutify Theme


Quality & Support


Features & Ease of Use


Design & Flexibility


Value for Money





  • Flexible Design Customization
  • Lots of Built-in Features
  • Great Add-ons to Increase Conversions
  • Free Plan
  • Flexible Paid Plans


  • No Refund for The Paid Fees

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