Ecom Elites Review 2022 – Is Franklin’s Dropshipping Course Still Relevant?

Ecom Elites Course Review

There are a lot of dropshipping training programs out there, and it is hard for a beginner to tell, which is legit and what are scam.

I have purchased Franklin’s dropshipping course, and I can show you in this honest and real Ecom Elites review if this program was worth joining or should you look somewhere else.

I will show you how this course is different, what is inside it, who can benefit from getting it, and where to get it for the lowest price.

Ecom Elites 2.0 Review Summary

  • Name: Ecom Elites 2.0
  • Website:
  • Founders: Franklin Hatchett
  • Training: 9.5 of 10
  • Support & Updates: 9.2 of 10
  • Resources: 9 of 10
  • Value for Money: 10 of 10
  • Success Stories – Testimonials: 9.6 of 10
  • Price: $197 One-time payment for the Standard Plan, $297 One-time payment for the Ultimate Plan. Lifetime updates and support for free.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 9.5 of 10 (My #1 recommended dropshipping training)

Summary: Ecom Elites course by Franklin Hatchett is a legit training course and one of the most comprehensive and most affordable training courses on dropshipping with Shopify.

Franklin is a legitimate internet marketer who already succeeded in dropshipping himself before creating this course, and he sells it at a very low price compared to other courses that don’t provide as much value as his Ecom Elites provides.

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What Is Ecom Elites Course All about?

Ecom Elites Course

The Ecom Elites course is about teaching you a way to start an online business from home at a low cost using the business model called dropshipping.

If you don’t know what dropshipping is, then in short, it’s building an online store and selling products without inventory to people who need them.

How can you sell without inventory?

It’s because you find vendors who sell certain products at a low cost, you list their products on your store and add prices that are higher than the vendors’ prices.

And when someone buys from your store and pays you the price you have set, you go then and pay the vendor their price, and ask them to ship the product to the customer’s address directly without you touching the product.

Ecom Elites Dropshipping Method

And this is a great ecommerce model as you don’t need to invest in inventory and warehousing, you don’t deal with shipping, and you can test many products fast and scale your business quickly when you find products that sell.

And this is what Franklin teaches you to do in his Ecom Elites dropshipping course.

Ecommerce Marketing Automation

How Is Ecom Elites Dropshipping Course Different?

There are many courses on dropshipping out there, but Franklin’s Ecom Elites is one of the most recommended courses on this subject for many reasons, such as:

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Very Comprehensive

Most other dropshipping courses, free and paid, focus mainly on one method of doing dropshipping, such as promoting your products on Facebook alone or on Google Shopping ads, and rarely you could find a course that teaches more than one way of advertising.

And that’s not enough in my opinion because the products you could promote are different from one to another, and the audience you are trying to reach might be on a different platform from the one these courses teach you.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

But in Ecom Elites, Franklin teaches you different ways of marketing your dropshipping store that you can use based on your audience and the products you sell.

Some of these methods are paid, such as: FB, IG, & Google ads, and some are free such as SEO, FB groups giveaway contests, email marketing, content marketing, …etc.

Ecom Elites Modules

Ecom Elites is literally one of the most, if not already the most comprehensive training courses on dropshipping.

Low Price

Other dropshipping courses that teach one method of advertising for #997, $1,997, and even $2,497.

But Frank offers his course for only $297 for the Unlimited plan, and $197 for the Standard plan, which is insane, and he teaches much more than what is taught in those expensive dropshipping courses by others.

Franklin Hatchett’s dropshipping course is literally underpriced.

Franklin Is Legit

Whenever there’s a way of making money online that becomes popular, scams come out of nowhere and start creating courses about this method and selling them at high prices without doing these methods themselves.

Or maybe these people tried these methods and they couldn’t profit from them, so they decided to scam others by selling them courses on what they themselves don’t do well.

And many of the “gurus” that sell expensive dropshipping courses act this way.

They might show you some screenshots of their high earnings, but these can be easily fabricated or stolen from others videos and blogs.

Also, they don’t tell you what was their profit was as there are still expenses that you need to pay such as marketing expenses, the product price, the shipping cost, the transaction fees, …etc.

Some of them might not be even profitable.

They hide all of that from you to make you believe that all the earnings you see are profits, so that it becomes easy to “invest” thousands in their expensive courses.

But Franklin’s Ecom Elites is different because he teaches many methods and strategies that really work with dropshipping, all for a low price compared to those gurus’ courses.

Franklin Hatchett Ecom Elites Founder

Franklin was a successful dropshipper before he created the Ecom Elites course, and he even created his own Shopify theme that is called eCom Turbo.

Inside The Franklin Hatchett’s Dropshipping Course

Here’s what you get inside the members’ area when you join Ecom Elites course by Franklin Hatchett:


Here you can get a general idea about the whole dropshipping business model, its pros and cons, what type of products to sell, how much you need in order to start with it, …etc.

Ecom Elites Introduction

Module 1: Setting Up Your Store

In this module, you learn how to choose a niche and a domain name for your dropshipping store, and how to start it using a platform called Shopify.

Shopify is one of the best ecom platforms that allow you to start your own online store without prior experience and without technical knowledge or coding, which makes it beginner-friendly as I showed in my guide on how to sell on Shopify with no inventory.

You will learn how to create a complete store, customize the different pages, add products, pricing, shipping, …etc.

Module 2: Sourcing Products & Research

Here you learn how to research and find products that has potential of making good amount of sales with a good profit margin, how to find reliable suppliers and communicate with them, and you will learn about the top 5 broad niches in which you can always find products to sell through dropshipping.

Product Research on Ecom Elites

Module 3: Facebook Traffic

In this comprehensive module, Frank teaches you all about getting traffic from Facebook using different kinds of ads.

You will learn how to run direct response ads that lead people directly to the product pages, and content marketing by driving FB users to a certain article that is meant to educate them on a certain topic that is related to the products you promote, and then you suggest in the article that they buy that product that would help them.

You will learn how to create the different types of FB campaigns for the testing, optimization, retargetting, and scaling stages.

FB Ads Method in Ecom Elites

You will also learn how to create images and videos for the ads you will use.

Module 4: Instagram Traffic

Here you will learn how to use Instagram to drive traffic to your Shopify dropshipping store, through two methods: Instagram ads, and influencer marketing.

You will learn how to run ads on Instagram the right way, which is slightly different from running them on Facebook, and you will learn how to find good IG influencers, know their prices, negotiate and arrange for their shoutouts.

Module 5: Email Marketing Blueprint

Here you will learn how to collect your store’s visitors’ email addresses and start sending them messages on frequent basis in order to connect with them, and to eventually promote to them other products from your store.

Email marketing is one of the most profitable methods of advertising and have a high return on investment (ROI), and it is one of the methods I mentioned in my list for ways of driving free traffic to Shopify stores.

Module 6: ChatBot Profits

Here you learn to take advantage of automation technologies in order to interact with your stores’ visitors through a chat box, which helps increase trust in your store and ultimately increase the conversion rate.

Module 7: Building Sales Funnels

Here you learn how to create a sales funnel for your Shopify dropshipping store using the ClickFunnels tools.

A sales funnel is mainly used to increase conversion rates, and to increase the average order value by offering other products as upsells and cross-sells, and by offering order pumps.

Shopify Funnels with Ecom Elites

Franklin shows you here how to set up the funnel from scratch, step-by-step, and how to connect it to your FB pixel and tor your payment gateway, how to add product variants, how to fulfill orders through Shopify, how to price the funnel, retargetting, …etc.

Module 8: Google Ads

Here you learn how to use Google ads in order to promote your products for people who are actively searching for them.

This module will show you how to start a Google Ads account, set up search text ad campaigns, do targeting, keyword research, retargetting, start a merchant account, set up shopping ads on Google and YouTube, optimizing your campaigns and scaling them in different ways.

Ecom Elites Google Shopping Ads Training

Module 9: Google Organic SEO Traffic

Here you learn how to rank your Shopify dropshipping store organically on search engines like Google and Bing in order to take advantage of the free, consistent traffic instead of paying for ads.

This is great because people search for stuff to buy on Google are in the mood of purchasing, and they usually convert at a higher rate than people who are browsing Facebook or Instagram.

You will learn how to do keyword research, assess the competition, optimizing your store’s pages, building backlinks, and more.

Bonus: Increase Sales & Secret Videos

Here you get some bonus videos about ways to increase the average order value, how to create a high-converting product description, how to hire VA’s to help you so that you scale your business, how to grow your store’s FB page for free, in addition to different ways of getting more traffic and conversions.

Ecom Elites Bonus

Ecom Elites Pricing Plans

Ecom Elites is available through two paid plans, as follows:

  • Standard Plan: One-time payment of $197 for lifetime access and updates. (Down from $497)
  • Unlimited Plan: One-time payment of $297 for lifetime access and updates. (Down from $697)

Ecom Elites Price

You pay once and get all the updates and support for the lifetime of the Ecom Elites dropshipping course by Franklin Hatchett, different from the expensive courses that provide support and updates for few months before disappearing.

Ecom Elites Standard vs. Ultimate

The main difference between the Standard plan and the Ultimate plan of Ecom Elites is that the Standard plan doesn’t come with the sales funnels module and the Google ads module, while the Ultimate plan offers you access to everything mentioned earlier in this Ecom Elites review, in addition to some bonuses such as:

  • Franklin’s top-selling dropshipping niches of all time.
  • Frank’s 6-figure dropshipping product.
  • A done-for-you 7-figure sales funnel.

It is up to you which plan to choose, but honestly, both plans are underpriced when you look at the level of details that Franklin offers in Ecom Elites, especially when compared to other dropshipping with Shopify courses.

I would recommend that you go directly to the Ultimate plan as the training on Google ads and funnels can be really helpful.

Is Ecom Elites Worth it?

Sure. Ecom Elites is worth every penny you pay on it and more.

Franklin’s course is one of the most comprehensive courses on dropshipping, and the most underpriced ones.

Not to mention that Franklin offers lifetime updates for free, different from many other courses in the industry.

Franklin Hatchett Ecom Elites Free Download

There’s no free version of the Ecom Elites course, and if you find one, it would be pirated and illegally distributed and it won’t be complete and organized as the original version is very comprehensive and consists of hundreds of lessons.

Also, the free version will mostly be outdated and you won’t really benefit from it as many of the advertising methods and trends related to dropshipping are continuously changing.

Where to Buy Ecom Elites Course?

The only place to by the Ecom Elites course is through the official website in order to get full access, support, and updates.

>>> Click Here to Unlock The Ecom Elites Dropshipping Training Course<<<

Pro’s & Con’s of Ecom Elites


  • Very comprehensive and organized.
  • Very low price compared to what it provides.
  • Franklin Hatchett is a legit person.
  • Bonuses are available.
  • Lifetime updates for free.


  • The money back guarantee is conditional, but that’s fine since the course is legit and meant to be for serious people.

Who Is Ecom Elites for?

Ecom Elites is for serious people who want to do the work and time into building a long-term online business through the dropshipping model.

This business, like any other online or offline business, takes work and time before it brings real results.

And in general, anyone who sell products online through different models, like selling their own products for example, could benefit from this course because the advertising methods it teaches are applicable regardless whether you do dropshipping or any other ecom model.

If you are looking for a new hobby, then don’t join Ecom Elites.

Ecom Elites Results

There are many successful students for the Ecom Elites course, and you can find there testimonials and success stories, not only on the sales page of the Ecom Elites course, but also on the exclusive FB support group.

Ecom Elites Support

Franklin offers the support for the Ecom Elites course through the exclusive Facebook group and through email.

There are many other successful students on the FB group, and many of them would like to help you when you ask there.

Ecom Elites Support

Conclusion – Is Ecom Elites a Scam or Legit?

Ecom Elites is a legit program and one of the best dropshipping on Shopify courses.

If you want to build a long-term dropshipping business, then you can go ahead and join this program.

But remember, Ecom Elites is a training program and you have to consistently work on what you learn in it before you expect any positive results.

This is not a magical push button solution that prints money out of nowhere.

This is my conclusion of this unbiased Ecom Elites review.

If you still have any questions or need any help regarding anything mentioned here, please, let me know in the comments’ section below and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

And if you know someone who needs this course for their online business, then feel free to share this review with them.

Ecom Elites




Support & Updates




Value for Money





  • Very Detailed
  • Low Price
  • Franklin Is Legit
  • Bonuses
  • Free Lifetime Updates


  • The Reund Is Conditional

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