eCom Turbo Review 2022 – Is Franklin’s Shopify’s Theme Worth it?

eCom Turbo Theme Review

Probably you don’t want to risk your money on this Shopify theme by Franklin Hatchett, and That’s why you are looking for an honest and unbiased eCom Turbo review before you buy it.

I have started my journey with e-commerce on a Shopify store many years ago, and I can tell you if this theme, with its features, can be useful for your business or not.

Stick with me for the coming few minutes in order to learn more about it, so that you make an educated decision whether to buy it or to get another alternative.

eCom Turbo Review Summary

  • Name: eCom Turbo Theme for Shopify
  • Website:
  • Founders: Franklin Hatchett
  • Quality & Support: 9.4 of 10
  • Features & Addon’s: 9.5 of 10
  • Ease of Use: 9.7 of 10
  • Value for Money: 9.8 of 10
  • Testimonials: 9.2 of 10
  • Price: $97 One-time payment for the standard plan for 1-store license, $127 one-time payment for 3-store license, $147 one-time payment for unlimited stores license
  • Recommended? Yes

Overall Rating: 9.5 of 100

Summary: eCom Turbo is a great Shopify theme that was created by a successful dropshipper and coach in order to give your store the features that you can use to increase your stores conversions and revenue.

The theme is sold at a low price compared to other paid themes that sometimes don’t even provide as many useful features as eCom Turbo does.

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What Is eCom Turbo?

eCom Turbo is a theme that is used for ecom stores that are built on Shopify in order to give the store owners some ability to brand their store and to boost the sales and revenue.

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme

The eCom Turbo Shopify theme can help you customize your store’s layout and colors, and can add some features and functionalities that can encourage the store’s visitors to make sales, increase the average order value, and to become repeat customers.

eCom Turbo was developed by Franklin Hatchett, a successful dropshipper and ecom trainer, who is also the founder of Ecom Elites course where he teaches how to sell on Shopify without inventory through dropshipping.

Ecommerce Marketing Automation

Benefits of Using eCom Turbo for Your Shopify Store

There are many reasons why eCom Turbo theme can be useful to get for your business that is built on a Shopify store, such as:

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Features to Increase Conversion Rate, AOV, & Customer LTV

There are many ways that can be used in order to increase the conversion rate and revenue of your Shopify store, but many Shopify themes, especially the free ones, don’t allow you to use these methods because they lack the features that allow you to use them.

And most paid them that offer these features are expensive, and/or require you to renew your license every year.

However, eCom Turbo is different here, because it offers many of the most important features that you can use in order to increase your Shopify store’s sales and revenue, and by paying the low price of the theme only once.

Examples of these features are the ability to offer related products as upsells in order to increase the average order value, and the ability to show a pop-up box that offers a discount in exchange of the customer’s email address, so that you encourage them to make the first order, and then promote to them to buy more through email messages.

Benefit of Ecom Turbo Theme

More on these features in the following section of this eCom Turbo theme review.

Build Trust, Branding, & Long-Term Success with Customizability

Using a theme like eCom Turbo can help you in increasing the trust in your Shopify online store by making it unique to your brand, niche and audience through the customization ability that it grants you.

When you have a unique store that is customized to fit your brand and niche, it can help in getting your audience understand that your store is legit and someone stands behind it, and not just another low quality dropshipping store that was started overnight in order to sell some rubbish products and scam people, which major reason for a low dropshipping success rate.

And eCom Turbo offers a good range of customizability options that allow you to make your Shopify store stand out, such as the ability to customize the home page, the footer, and the CTA buttons.

Fast Loading to Help User Experience & Conversions

Loading speed is an important factor that affects the user experience and the conversion rate of an online store or any website that is meant to promote any product.

Many people leave the website or store they are visiting if takes more than few seconds to load, which makes the website’s owner lose potential customers.

This could make or break an online business, literally!

The eCom Turbo theme was built in order to offer a great user experience by making the theme light and allowing the different pages of your Shopify store load quickly so that you keep people on your store in order to explore the products you are selling.

Fast Ecom Turbo Shopify Store

Also, fast loading helps in minimizing the advertising costs when running ads from Facebook, Google, and other networks, and it helps in getting higher rankings in search engines through seo marketing.

One-Time Payment with Lifetime Updates

Another very great point that differentiates eCom Turbo from other premium Shopify themes is that with eCom Turbo


, you need to pay only once, and you get to use the theme and get the updates without having to pay again the next year.

Very few themes that offer this value such as Flex theme and Turbo by Out of the Sandbox, but bot cost much more than what eCom Turbo theme by Franklin Hatchett costs.

However, many paid and very expensive Shopify themes such as Booster and Shoptimized require you to re-pay the full price, or a different high fee every year so that you keep getting the updates and support.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Another good point that makes eCom Turbo different is that there’s a conditional 14-day money back guarantee where you have the right to request a refund if you use the theme and you find that something doesn’t work properly, you try to reach out for support and they don’t solve it for you.

Remember that this is a conditional money back guarantee and read the refund policy before you get it.

eCom Turbo Features That Increase Success Chances

Here are some of the features of eCom Turbo Shopify theme that can increase the chances of your store’s success by increasing trust, conversion rates, average order value and lifetime value of customers:

Pop-Up for Collecting Leads

This is a pop-up that you can use to encourage your store’s visitor to subscribe to your list and get a discount code in return.

This helps in encouraging them to make their first purchase from your store, and at the same time, you get to offer them other promotions through email without paying for ads.

Email marketing is one of the marketing methods that bring the highest ROI, and one of the best ways to bring free traffic to your Shopify store.

Customizable Related Products

If you bring a visitor to your store in order to buy one product and they buy it alone, that’s great.

But if you bring them to buy one product and they end up buying other products with it on the same visit, that’s even better.

This is because you can sell more products using the same marketing effort and budget, which increases your store’s revenue and profit.

And eCom Turbo helps you in doing so by allowing you to offer relevant products to the one the customer is exploring, similar to the “frequently bought together” feature that Amazon uses.

Upselling Through a Pop-Up

This one is even better than the previous feature because after someone adds something to their cart and decide to buy it, you can show a pop-up box that offers other related products that could be needed for the person buying the product they added to the cart.

Product Upsell on Ecom Turbo

They have already made up their mind to buy, and it is easier now to convince them to buy more products.

Scarcity Timer

People tend to act faster when they fear missing out on something.

They feel like being part of an exclusive group when they get to buy something that not everyone else can buy.

And this doesn’t necessarily mean buying something very expensive, but it could be something that is not available in a big quantity.

And the scarcity countdown timers of the eCom Turbo theme allows you to create this sense of scarcity and encourage visitors to buy on the spot because they are afraid that the product won’t be available soon, which increases your store’s conversion rates.

Ecom Turbo Countdown Timer

Customizable Clean Footer

This eCom Turbo feature helps you in making your store unique compared to other Shopify stores, which helps in branding your store in building trust in your store, and therefore, increasing the conversions.

You have two footer styles to choose from when using eCom Turbo on your Shopify store.

Ecom Turbo Shopify Page Footer

Customizable CTA Buttons

Sometimes “Buy Now” is not the best phrase to use on your stores call-to-action button.

It depends on your audience and on the products you are trying to sell.

In some cases, it could better to say “Get it at the Discount NOW!”, or “Save 25%”.

And the color might play a role in taking action, also depending on the general branding on your store and on the niche and audience.

And eCom Turbo allows you to easily customize the shape, color, and the text of your store’s CTA button.

Ecom Turbo Custom CTA

Social Proof Urgency Sales Ticker

Social proof affects how people behave online, just like offline.

And this ticker from eCom Turbo shows the store’s visitors that other people are buying the product your store’s visitors are exploring, which might encourage them to do the same without thinking too much.

Sticky CTA Button

Most people browse the web from mobile phones, and many of them make purchases from their phones.

And the product page might look long when browsing on the phone screen.

This is why eCom Turbo added this feature where you can make the CTA button stick on the screen when someone is scrolling down, so that when they decide to buy the product, they can immediately click the CTA button instead of scrolling up again looking for it, which might end up in them leaving without making a purchase.

Ecom Turbo Sticky CTA

Trust Badges

Trust badges might help your audience feel secure when buying from your store as your store offers protection through encrypting their personal data, and by offering them many safe payment methods that they can choose as per their preferences.

And the Shopify eCom Turbo theme offers different templates for trust badges to choose from and easily add to your Shopify store.

Ecom Turbo Trust Badge

Customizable Home Page

The home page of your store is the first thing someone sees when visiting your store if not pointed directly to a certain product or collection page.

And this could convince some to stay and explore your store and products, or leave immediately and never come back to your store.

By being able to customize your Shopify store’s home page and making it unique to your brand, you can show your store’s visitors that this isn’t just another store that someone built to make some quick buck.

And this becomes even more crucial when you are trying to sell your merch on Shopify as this model requires working a little bit more on the branding side of your store.

eCom Turbo gives you a good range of flexibility for making changes on the different elements of the home page of your Shopify store so that it flows smoothly with other pages and with your store’s niche.

Customizable Cart Page CTA Buttons

In addition to the CTA buttons on the product pages, there are other CTA buttons on the cart page, which you can also customize in the same way in order to increase conversions based on what works best with your target audience and in your industry.

Ecom Turbo Custom Cart Page

GEO-IP Detection & Currency Converter

Showing the price in the visitor’s own currency makes it much easier to associate with your store and to gain trust in your store, which helps in increasing conversion rate on your store.

And eCom Turbo added this feature recently where the theme will detect the country where your customer is located, and will automatically show the price in their own currency.

A very powerful feature that even many paid Shopify themes don’t offer.

Direct to Checkout

It was found that every step in the customer’s journey on a certain online store or website could significantly decrease the conversion rate.

This is why Amazon invented the “1-Click Buy” button where they make it easier and faster to make a purchase, and it works very well for them.

And eCom Turbo is one of the themes that offer the ability to minimize the number of steps your store’s visitor is required to take as you can make them skip going to the cart page, and instead, go directly from the product page to the checkout page, which could help in increasing conversions.

eCom Turbo Price

eCom Turbo theme is sold for a one-time fee, which depends on which plan you choose, as follows:

  • Standard Plan: $97 For the license to use it on one Shopify store. (Down from $197)
  • Pro Plan: $127 For the license to use it on three Shopify stores. (Down from $259)
  • Unlimited Plan: $147 For the license to use it on an unlimited number of Shopify stores. (Down from $297)

Ecom Turbo Price

And these are all one-time payments that allow you to get lifetime updates and supports.

>>> Buy eCom Turbo Shopify Theme NOW <<<

These prices are really low when compared to other paid Shopify themes that don’t offer as many useful and helpful features, not to mention that other themes usually require an annual payment in order to continue getting updates.

Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Turbo Theme Free Download

There’s no free version of the eCom Turbo theme to download, and if you find one, it would be pirated and unsupported, and I encourage you NOT to use it, because, in addition to legal implications that could even shut down your store, the unsupported version might not be the latest one, which means that it might not function well with the Shopify infrastructure.

In any case, it is a good investment to buy the eCom Turbo since it is really underpriced compared to other paid Shopify themes, and it is sold for a one-time payment and comes with lifetime updates.

Where to Buy eCom Turbo?

The only place to buy eCom Turbo theme is on their official website.

If someone is offer to sell you eCom Turbo theme at a different place, especially if they are offering it at a lower price than the official price, then that would be a pirated and unsupported version, and you might get in legal trouble for using it.

>>> Click Here to Download eCom Turbo Theme from The Official Site at The Lowest Price <<<

Free eCom Turbo Theme Alternative

If you can’t afford to buy eCom Turbo, then you get the Debutify theme instead, which offers a free plan with some good features.

I recommend it over any other free Shopify theme.

Pro’s & Con’s of eCom Turbo Shopify Theme


  • Easy to use.
  • Wide range of flexibility and customization, which helps branding your store long-term success.
  • Many features that can increase revenue and profit.
  • Low price.
  • One-time payment for lifetime updates.
  • 14-Day conditional money back guarantee.
  • Built by a successful dropshipper and ecom coach, Frank Hatchett.
  • Fast loading, which improves the user experience and helps in increasing conversions.
  • You get a free ecom training when you buy it.


  • The money back guarantee is conditional, but that’s fine since the cost of the theme is very low.

Who Is eCom Turbo Theme for?

eCom Turbo theme can be useful for anyone who has an online store on Shopify, and wants more flexibility in designing and branding their store, and wants to use the features that allow for increasing conversions, revenue, and profit.

These could be dropshippers, merchandise sellers, or anyone who sells products online.

eCom Turbo Theme Support

There’s a members area and few training videos that show you how to use the eCom Turbo theme.

Also, there’s a comment section with every training video where you can ask if you need help.

There’s also a support email that is available on the Terms page of the eCom Turbo website.

You will also get access to a Facebook group by Franklin where you can get a lot of ecom tips.

Remember that eCom Turbo comes with free lifetime updates, while most paid Shopify themes offer free updates only for the first year.

Ecom Turbo Support

Conclusion – Is eCom Turbo Theme Worth it?

eCom Turbo is a Great Shopify theme that is sold at a very low price compared to what it provides in terms of updates and features that can help increase the revenue and profits of your store.

It is absolutely worth the price. This is my conclusion of this eCom Turbo theme review.

If you still have any questions or concerns, or if you need any help related to this theme, please, ask me in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out asap 🙂


Quality & Support


Features & Addon's


Ease of Use


Value for Money





  • Customizability
  • Revenue-Increasing Features
  • Low Price with Money Back Guarantee
  • Fee Lifetime Updates
  • Easy to Use


  • The MB Guarantee Is Conditional

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