EcomSolid Review

EcomSolid Theme Review
Is EcomSolid worth the monthly fee, or should you consider another Shopify theme that costs a one-time payment?

What are the available features in EcomSolid, and how flexible is it when it comes to store branding and customizability?

After reviewing tens of other themes, this unbiased EcomSolid review will help you learn about this theme, whether it is good for your store or not, and what other alternatives you can consider instead.

Let’s jump in!

EcomSolid Theme Review Summary

  • Name: Shopify EcomSolid Theme
  • Website:
  • Founders: Chris Gems
  • Quality & Support: 9.5 of 10
  • Features & Ease of Use: 9 of 10
  • Design & Flexibility: 9.5 of 10
  • Value for Money: 9 of 10
  • Testimonials: 9 of 10
  • Price: Three plans:
    • Community: $0/Month.
    • Professional: $19/Month.
    • Premium: $39/Month.
  • Recommended? Yes.

Overall Rating: 9.2 of 10

Summary: EcomSold Shopify theme is a good theme that has some customizability options and useful features that could help your store’s success.

The thing I don’t like is that it requires a monthly payment in order to get all the add-ons, and there’s limitation on the usage of the sales-boosting add-ons as you will see later.

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3 Things That Make EcomSolid Different

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A Free Plan Is Available

Most premium Shopify themes come with only paid plans, and even without a money back guarantee, except for few like Turbo Shopify theme by OOTS.

However, EcomSolid comes with a free plan that contains a good set of built-in features and add-ons that can help your store’s success, and there’s no limit on for how long you can use this plan.

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Good Customizability

Another good thing about EcomSolid theme is that it gives you some range of flexibility in changing the design of your store’s elements and pages, such as the front page, product page, cart page, …etc.

EcomSolid Theme Customizability

And it comes with some ready skins or templates that are pre-customized to fit stores in certain industries.

This helps the branding of your store in order to make it look unique and to connect to your audience, which increases trust and then boosts conversions.

Useful Built-in Features & Add-On’s

Premium Shopify themes come with two main things: the regular updates and support, and the features that can help your store’s success.

And EcomSolid is no different, as it offers a good range of the features that you can use to protect your store, increase trust in your brand, and to increase the sales on your Shopify store.

Shopify EcomSolid Theme Features & Add-On’s

There are some many features and add-ons that come with the EcomSolid Shopify theme, divided into the following categories:

EcomSolid Built-in Features

These features come built-in with the EcomSolid theme, and you don’t need to use any add-on in order to activate them on your store, such as:

  • Landing Page Builder

This feature allows you to create a custom landing page for a specific product that looks different from the normal product page that is used for all products, which would have more focus on the product itself and it can help in increasing the conversion rates.

This is a great feature, because you would usually need to use some paid app or tool like ClickFunnels in case that you wanted to create a custom landing page on Shopify.

  • Product Page Tabs

This feature allows you to organize the different product details in an easy-to-consume way, so that the shopper finds what they want without having to contact you or getting overwhelmed and leaving your store.

EcomSolid Product Page Tabs

  • Ajax Search

This is similar to the predictable search feature on Amazon that completes the words when you are still typing, but additionally, on EcomSolid, this feature shows the images of the specific products so that the shopper finds the exact product they want faster.

EcomSolid Search Feature

  • Product Filtering

This feature also helps the shopper in finding what they want faster without having to go through all of the product pages to read their details.

Simply, the set the filters on the options they want such as the brand, color, size, material, …etc., and the products that meet all the filters will appear in one collection.

EcomSolid Product Filitering

  • Quick ATC

This EcomSolid feature allows the shopper to add a certain product to their cart without having to visit the product page, by clicking the add-to-cart button on the product card, which helps in increasing the average order value on your Shopify store.

Quick ATC EcomSolid

EcomSolid Default Add-On’s

These are add-ons that you can choose whether to activate or not, regardless of the EcomSolid plan you have, and they can add certain functionalities to your Shopify store, including:

  • Cart Drawer

This feature allows the shoppers on your Shopify store to click the cart icon in the top bar, and the cart will show as a small pop-up window, without having to go to the cart page.

This helps in enhancing the overall experience and in making the shopper comfortable on your store, which helps in increasing the conversion rate.

EcomSolid Theme Slideout Cart

  • Shipping Time

This feature detects the shopper’s country, and shows the expected delivery time on the product page under the ATC button, which helps in giving more trust, and then might help in increasing the conversion rate.

  • Custom Code

This EcomSolid add-on allows you to add some HTML and CSS customization to some of the elements of your Shopify store, which adds to the customizability range available with this theme.

EcomSolid Shipping Time Feature

  • Dynamic Checkout Button

Another way to increase the conversion rate on Shopify stores with EcomSolid is the ability to add different checkout options so that the customer pays with the method they feel more secure with, such as using PayPal instead of going to buy from Amazon.

  • Anti Copy & Spy

This EcomSolid add-on helps you protect the content on your store’s different pages from being copied by the copycat ecom store owners, which makes it harder on the competitors to steal your work.

Anti Copy EcomSolid Feature

  • Custom Images

This add-on allows you to add images in the description of the product that might not be related to the product itself, but necessary to include in the product page, such as product characteristics that can be demonstrated by symbols or icons, or guarantee badges.

  • FB Messenger Chat

A good add-on to give your store’s visitors a quick and easy way to connect with you and ask for stuff that they might not easily find, which might help in getting them to take action faster and buy from your store.

  • Product Size Chart

This is a good add-on in case that you sell clothes, and you want to sell to different countries where people use different sizing standards.EcomSolid Size Chart Addon

EcomSolid Sales-Boosting Add-On’s

Some of these EcomSolid add-ons come with all the free and paid plans of the theme, and some come only with the paid plans, and it seems that the first two can only be used on a limited number of product pages, which is something I don’t like as most premium themes, like the Porto Shopify theme for example, allow you to use them without limitations.

These features are:

  • Frequently Bought Together

This group upsell add-on from EcomSolid allows the customer to add different products to their cart in one click, which can increase the average order value on your store with the same marketing efforts, and therefore, it helps in increasing the profit.

EcomSolid Group Upsell

  • Quantity Upsell Discount

Similar to the previous add-on, but this one helps in increasing the order value by offering the customer to buy more units of the same product they are browsing, so that they get a discount on the price.

EcomSolid Quantity Upsell

  • Browser Tab Notifications

This cool add-on from EcomSolid makes your store more engaging and interactive by showing custom notifications on the browser tab like “we miss you”, or “exclusive 10% discount code”, …etc.

These can help you make your store feel special, and might make your target audience prefer your store over your competitors.

  • Currency Converter

This one helps in increasing the trust and familiarity with your store when the shoppers can see the prices in the currency they prefer to pay with, which might increase the conversion rate.

  • Countdown Timers

This EcomSolid theme add-on can help show scarcity by showing a countdown timer for the end time of a certain promotion, which makes the shopper act faster and buy instead of leaving your store to come back later, when most of them don’t come back.

Other Add-On’s

These are add-on that there’s no limitation on using them, and they include:

  • EU Cookies Add-On

This add-on shows a pop-up that tells the visitor that your store uses cookies and tracking data, which is necessary from a legal perspective, especially when selling to European customers.

  • Third-Party Apps Add-On’s

These add-ons allow for faster integration with some of the most useful third-part Shopify apps, such as Oberlo & Printful for product fulfillment, social proof apps, discount apps, …etc.

EcomSolid Built-in Layouts/Skins

EcomSolid comes with some built-in layouts or skins that are customized based on ecom stores in certain niches.

You can choose the one that is closes to your store’s niche, and further customize it from there, instead of starting from scratch by yourself.

Some of these industries and niches are:

  • Technology.
  • Health and Beauty.
  • Fashion.
  • Kids.
  • General Stores.
  • Accessories.

EcomSolid Demo Shopify Stores

If you want to browse Shopify stores that use the EcomSolid theme, then from the home page of, click the “Demos” tab in the top bar, and you will see few real stores that use the EcomSolid theme, and you can go to visit them and see how they look and function.

EcomSolid Demo Stores

EcomSolid User Reviews

EcomSolid has user reviews on Trustpilot, and it has a really high rating of 4.5 stars, which is great compared to other premium Shopify themes that have reviews on the same platform, such as Booster and Shoptimized.

Many users are praising the support team of EcomSolid, the theme quality, features, customizability, …etc.

EcomSolid User Reviews

EcomSolid Theme Price

EcomSolid has the following three pricing plans:

  • Community: $0/Month.
  • Professional: $19/Month.
  • Premium: $39/Month.

There are differences between the three plans, such as the number of add-ons you can use, the number of landing pages you can build with each plan, and the support tier you get.

EcomSold Price

You can choose the plan that serves your business needs more.

If you are just starting out, the Community plan might be good for you.

And if yo want the premium features of EcomSolid, but you think that it is expensive, then the alternatives in the following section of this EcomSolid theme review will give you the same, or more, of the features at a lower cost.

EcomSolid Free Download

You can download the EcomSolid theme for free through the Community plan that is available on their “Pricing” page, on the website.

3 Best EcomSolid Alternatives

If you want more of the premium features and add-ons of EcomSolid theme, but you believe that the Professional and Premium plans are expensive, then here are more affordable options:

#1 Alternative to EcomSolid – Flex Theme

This alternative is created by a company that is owned by Shopify itself, it comes with many built-in templates/skins, and has many sales-boosting features, even more than EcomSolid itself.

Flex is a pricey theme, but it costs a one-time payment, and you get lifetime updates with it, which makes it more affordable on the long run.

It also comes with a 14-day money back guarantee.

You can read my Flex theme review to learn more and see if the discount code is still available.

Best Price Alternative – eCom Turbo

This theme was created by a third-party developer, but it has many sales-boosting features that you can use on all product pages, and not only on 5 product pages like EcomSolid.

The nice thing is that this theme by Franklin Hatchett costs a one-time payment, and comes with lifetime updates as well.

Premium with a Free Plan – Debutify

Debutify theme is similar to EcomSolid when it comes to having both, free and paid plans, and it costs a monthly fee for the premium plans.

The pricing of the paid plans is close to EcomSolid, a little bit more, but it comes with many more features that justify the difference.

Check out my Debutify theme review to learn more about it and see how you can get the free plan.

EcomSolid Theme Pro’s & Con’s


  • It has a free plan with some good features.
  • High rating from users.
  • It comes with a landing page builder, which is unique when it comes to Shopify themes, and saves a lot of money.
  • Good customizability options.


  • The paid plans cost monthly payment that might cost you a lot on the long run compared with themes that cost one-time payments, such as the alternatives I mentioned earlier in this EcomSolid review.
  • Even with the paid plans, some of the sales-boosting features of EcomSolid are limited to five product pages, while other paid themes don’t put this limitation.

Who Is EcomSolid for?

EcomSolid can be good for different levels of Shopify store owners with different budget capabilities and in different industries.

You can get the free plan, or any of the paid plans of EcomSolid, based on your needs.

But if you want the premium features of EcomSolid, and you don’t want to pay on monthly basis, then the options in my recommended EcomSolid theme alternatives above can be good for you.

EcomSolid Theme Support

You can get the support from the EcomSolid team on the website through live chat or through submitting tickets.EcomSolid Support

The support priority differs based on the plan you have.

Overall, the user reviews of EcomSolid show that they have a good and efficient support team.

Conclusion – Is EcomSolid Worth it?

EcomSolid is a good Shopify theme, and it comes with good features, customizability, tools like the page builder, and it has a free plan, which is great.

If you are just starting out, then the free plan of EcomSolid is good for you.

But when it comes to the paid plans, the main thing that justifies the monthly fee is the built-in landing page builder, which saves you money instead of using a separate landing page builder that would cause money and trouble to set up and use.

But if you don’t need the landing page builder, then the alternatives mention earlier in this review might be a good replacement to EcomSolid’s recurring fees.

This is my conclusion to this honest EcomSolid review.

If you still have any questions regarding anything mentioned here, please, let me know in the comments’ section below, and I will answer you asap 🙂

EcomSolid Theme


Quality & Support


Features & Ease of Use


Design & Flexibility


Value for Money





  • Has a Free Plan
  • Built-in Landing Page Builder
  • Good Customizability
  • Many Good Features
  • High User Rating


  • Paid Plans Cost Monthly Fees
  • Limitations on The Sales-Boosting Features

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