Shopify Ella Theme Review

Shopify Ella Theme Review
Is the Ella theme worth the money? Or should you get a different theme for your Shopify store?

What is unique about it, and how can the many features be helpful to your e-commerce business?

After I have gone through tens of other themes, I write this unbiased Shopify Ella theme review so that I let you know of this theme worth trying or not.

And if wasn’t for you, then I will suggest three alternatives that you could choose from, based on your situation.

Let’s jump in!

Ella Theme Review Summary

  • Name: Shopify Ella Theme
  • Website:
  • Founders: HaloThemes
  • Quality & Support: 9.5 of 10
  • Features & Ease of Use: 9.5 of 10
  • Design & Flexibility: 9.5 of 10
  • Value for Money: 9 of 10
  • Testimonials: 9.5 of 10
  • Price: $89 For the1-store license with 6 months of support, and another $27.75 with a complete year of support.
  • Recommended? Yes.

Overall Rating: 9.4 of 10

Summary: Ella is a one of the top-selling Shopify themes on the Theme Forest marketplace, and it has a high rating from actual store owners, as it comes with many useful features and a good range of customizability.

Ella’s price is good, but the thing is that it comes with six months of support, and you need to pay in order to extend it, unlike some of the alternatives I will mention later in this Ella theme review.

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3 Reasons Ella Shopify Theme Is Different

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Best-Selling Theme

Ella is currently the best-selling Shopify theme on the Theme Forest marketplace with more than 21k buyers. It has a high rating of around 4.8-stars, and you can check out the user reviews there to see how satisfied they are with the theme quality and the support.

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Store Customizability Options

Ella comes with many options that allow you customize your Shopify store to your own brand, niche, industry, …etc.

The benefit is that this helps you in creating a store that connects with your audience, and imitates the big stores in the same industry or niche, which have gone under lots of testing in order to find the best converting layout, colors, fonts, …etc.

Ella comes with many layout options for the header, footer, home page, shop page, product page, …etc.

Ella Theme Customizability

And it also comes with many skins that are pre-customized to fit stores in certain industries so that you save the time and effort by choosing the one that is closer to your brand.

Many Revenue-Boosting Features

The features you get with the Ella Shopify theme are many.

And these can help you in finding ways to increase the sales and the average order value on your store.

Without a premium theme like Ella, you would mostly need to use several paid apps that would cost you hundreds of dollars per month, and would slow down your store and make you lose some customers because of that.

Ella Theme Features & How They Can Help You

Here are some of the many features of Ella Shopify theme that can help you increase your store’s sales and profit:

The Product Lookbook

With this feature of Ella theme, you can add photos that show your store’s products in action, and when someone hovers over them, they can get the price of each item.

This cool feature can help the shopper in making a decision whether to buy or not, as thy see how the product looks in real life, and they don’t need to worry and imagine it by themselves.

Ella Theme Lookbook

Quick View & ATC Buttons

These two features allow your store’s visitors to view your product’s details and add them to their carts without having to load the page of each product.

Simply, they hover over a product cart, and they can see the “ATC” button that they can use to immediately add the product to their cart, and the “Quick View” button that they can click in order to open a pop-up that contains the product information, with another ATC button.

This can help improve the user experience and in increasing the average order value.

Ella Theme Quick View

Sticky Add-to-Cart Button

This feature helps the shopper by finding the ATC button as it stays on the bottom of the screen wherever they are on the product page without having to scroll all the way up.

Shipping Calculator

Another cool feature that adds interaction to your Shopify store.

This Ella theme feature allows your customers to find out how much it costs to get the products in their cart delivered to their location, which helps avoid the surprises when they go do the checkout page.

Ella Theme Shipping Calculator

Group Upsell Recommendation

This is a very good feature that doesn’t exist in many premium themes, like the Avone Shopify theme for example.

What this Ella theme feature does is that it offers the shopper to add a group of products together to the cart, similar to the “frequently-bought-together” feature on Amazon.

Ella Theme Group Upsell

This also helps in increasing the AOV by adding more products to their cart that they wouldn’t know about by themselves.

Related & Recommended Products & Recently Viewed

These features help in recommending other products similar, related, or complimentary to the product they are viewing.

Like the previous feature, this one can help increase the AOV.

They also show the shopper the products they have already viewed for a faster comeback if they decided to purchase them.

Social Media Icons & Buttons

These buttons are used for two main purposes: to let shoppers share your products with others on their social media feeds, and to let your store’s visitors find your social media accounts where they can follow you to see your latest promotions and product additions.

Currency & Language Selectors

These two features allow your store’s visitors to view your Shopify store with a language that they feel comfortable with, and see the prices in the currency they prefer to pay with.

Currency-Language Ella Theme

These two things help in creating familiarity with your store and help in converting more visitors into buyers.

The Wishlist Feature

This feature, similar to Amazon’s one, allows the customers to add all the products they liked into one place before adding them to the cart, so that they come back to see them all together and decide which one to purchase without going back to visit each one’s page individually.

Mega Menu

The mega menu feature on Ella theme allows you to organize all collections and sub-collections in one big view that is easy to navigate through, which helps the customers to find what they want faster without having to click many tabs in the top menu.

Predictive Search with Product Images

Similar to the autocompletion search function on Amazon which starts suggesting products when you type the first letters of what you are looking, this feature from Ella theme shows the relevant products along with their images.

This helps the shopper to find what they want to buy faster without having to click many times and leave before buying.

Multi-Filtering of Products

This Ella theme feature allows the shopper to use many filters at the same time in order to reach the product they want more quickly.

They can filter products based on brand, material, color, size, …etc., and find what matches all the criteria they have set without having to go to each product page to search manually for the info they want.

Sales Countdown & Quantity Counters

These two scarcity tools help in pushing the shopper to make a decision and buy out of the fear of missing out, instead of leaving and saying that they would come back later, and most of them don’t do so.

Product Video

Adding videos for the products can help in showing how they look or work in real life, which can increase the trust and increases the conversion rates.

And Ella theme for Shopify allows you to add videos on the product page along with the product photos.

Ella Theme Product Video

Size Chart Pop-up

This feature can help your customers find the sizing of the available products in the standard that is followed in their country by clicking the “Size Guide” tab that would open a pop-up window showing the size in different standards.

Product Page Custom Tabs

You need to offer the necessary details about product features, material, quality, shipping, …etc., in order to make your customer comfortable and push them to make a purchase.

But providing lots of information in one page can be overwhelming, and makes it difficult to find what someone is looking for, especially when most of today’s shoppers browse stores on their mobile phones.

But this feature from the Shopify Ella theme allows you to organize the information on the product page under different tabs that the shopper can navigate through in order to find what they want.

Ella Theme Product Tabs

Buy it Now Button

This button helps in minimizing the steps taken to complete a purchase by allowing the shopper on your store to add the product to their cart and go directly to the checkout page all in one click.

Ella Theme Direct to Checkout

Doing so has been found to be effective in increasing the conversion rates on online stores, like it is with Amazon’s 1-click buy button.

Add Product Customer Reviews

Because we are social animals, people tend to make decisions based on what most other people have done, and that’s why they look for reviews on a certain product before they buy it.

And Ella allows you to add customer reviews for products on your store so that new shoppers see them and feel comfortable instead of leaving to look for the same product on Amazon, but with reviews.

Dropdown Cart

This feature allows the shopper to see their cart and edit it without having to go to the cart page.

Ella Theme Cart Style

They click the cart icon in the top menu, and the cart will appear on the right side of the screen, which makes the shopping experience on your store much more joyful and easier.

Newsletter Signup Form & Pop-Up

Collecting your store’s visitors emails can help in making or breaking your ecom business.

It’s because you can reach out to your list subscribers continuously without having to pay for advertising again, which makes your business more profitable.

And Ella theme allows you to add signup forms and pop-ups with ease, so that you collect your targeted customers emails with ease.

Ella Theme Email Popup

Ella Shopify Theme Skins

In addition to the fact that Ella is a highly customizable Shopify theme, it also comes with many ready skins that you can use to start with your store.

These skins are customized based on stores in certain industries and niches, which can really a time-saver if you find one that is close to your niche or products.

Ella Shopify Theme Skins

Some of the Ella theme skins you can get when you buy the theme belong to the following industries:

  • Flowers.
  • Surfing.
  • Fashion.
  • Tech products.
  • Bikes.
  • Pet stores.
  • Gaming.
  • Cars.
  • And more.

Shopify Ella Theme Demo Stores

There are many demos Shopify stores that are based on the different skins of Ella theme.

You can check them out by clicking the “Preview Item” button on the sales page of Ella theme, which will take you to another page where you can click on the skin you want to see, and a new tab will open showing a Shopify demo store with that Ella theme skin.Shopify Ella Theme Demo

Shopify Ella Theme User Reviews

There are hundreds of user reviews for Ella theme on the marketplace where it is sold, Theme Forest.

These are real Shopify store owners who use the Ella theme by HaloThemes, and the reviews show that they are happy with the overall experience regarding the theme quality, the features, the customizability, and the support team.

Ella Theme User Reviews


Shopify Ella Theme Price

Ella theme is sold for a one-time payment of $89, and you get six months of support with it.

Ella Theme Price

You can pay an extra $27.75 and extend the support for a complete year.

Ella Theme Free Download

You can’t find a free version of Ella theme to download and use on your Shopify store.

If you find any, it would be outdated and unsupported, which would cause problems to your store and would make you lose money instead of saving few bucks.

If you want other alternatives that are more affordable on the long run, check out the next section of this Ella Shopify theme review.

Top 3 Alternatives to Ella Theme for Shopify

Cheaper – eCom Turbo

eCom Turbo by Franklin Hatchett is a great theme as it comes with many sales-boosting features.

And it is sold for a one-time payment with lifetime support and updates, which makes it cheaper than getting Ella theme with the extended 1-year support.

The Main downside is that it doesn’t come with as much customizability and built-in skins like Ella theme.

You can learn more about it in my eCom Turbo theme review.

Expensive, but #1 Alternative to Ella Theme – Flex

Flex by Out of the Sandbox is my top rated Shopify theme as it comes from a company that is owned by Shopify itself, which makes it always up-to-date with changes on the Shopify infrastructure.

And on top of that, it comes with many built-in layouts/skins to choose from, and it comes with lifetime updates and support, which compensates for the high price.

The great thing is that Flex theme comes with a 14-day money back guarantee from the developer.

To learn more about this Ella alternative, check out my Flex theme review and see if the discount code is still available.

Premium Theme with a Free Plan – Debutify

Debutify is one of the top Shopify themes, and it has both, free and paid plans.

The paid plans of Debutify give you all the premium features, but they might be expensive.

But the free plan of this alternative to Ella can be enough for you as a start, and you can keep using it for as long as you want.

Check out my Debutify review to see where to download it for free.

Pro’s & Con’s of Ella Shopify Theme


  • Ella is the best-selling Shopify theme on Theme Forest.
  • Good customizability options.
  • Many built-in skins customized for different industries.
  • It comes with many useful features that can boost revenue.
  • Good pricing.


  • There’s no free plan or trial for Ella Shopify theme.
  • No money back guarantee.
  • The support is limited for six months, and you need to pay in order to extend it.

Who Is Ella Theme for?

Ella is a good Shopify theme that could help anyone to start a Shopify store, with all the customizability options and the available skins.

The features of Ella theme are great as they can be used to increase the sales and revenue, and it is sold at a reasonable price.

What I don’t like is the fact that you get the support for only six months, and you need to pay again in order to extend it, which is why I recommended the three alternatives earlier in this Ella theme review.

Ella Theme Support

The support for Ella theme is provided by the developer, HaloThemes, and you can request it by logging into your Theme Forest account.

Important to know is that the support doesn’t include installing the theme for you or customizing your store, as these are usually paid services.

Ella Theme Support

Overall, the user reviews for Ella theme show that they are happy with the support efficiency.

Conclusion – Is Ella Theme Worth it?

Ella is a great Shopify theme and it is indeed worth its price.

The customizability and the many sales-boosting features make Ella useful for its users, and it is good to know that hundreds of users of the Ella theme are happy with the theme quality and with the support team.

The main thing I don’t like is the fact that you need to pay in order to extend the support period, which is fine for a quality theme.

Anyway, I have recommended above three alternatives to Ella theme in case that it’s pricing doesn’t suit you.

This is my conclusion to my Shopify Ella theme review.

If you still have any question about Ella theme, or about anything in this review, feel free to tell me in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to answer you asap 🙂

Shopify Ella Theme


Quality & Support


Features & Ease of Use


Design & Flexibility


Value for Money





  • #1 Selling Shopify Theme on Theme Forest
  • Many Features That Can Help Your Store's Success
  • Many Customization Options
  • Several Skins Customized for Specific Niches
  • High Rating from Real Ella Theme Users


  • No Free Plan or Trial
  • No Money Back Guarantee
  • You Need to Keep Paying for Support

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