How to Increase Sales on Shopify Stores?

Ways to Increase Sales on Shopify

I have started my ecommerce journey on Shopify years ago and I thought that the key to making money is to send lots of traffic to my store, but that wasn’t really enough to make my business profitable because more traffic usually costs money.

Then I realized that they key to profitability is to find ways to increase the conversion rate on my Shopify store using the same traffic, and I bet that you have realized the same by now, which is why you are here.

Don’t worry, because I wrote this list in order to help you get more sales on your Shopify store starting today, and if any of these ways require you to use certain tools, then you can find my recommended tools at the conclusion section at the end.

Here are 33 ways to increase sales on your Shopify store:

Offer a Coupon Code in Exchange of Email Subscription

Many people get excited when offered an unexpected discount on the original price.

So, instead of doubling the price and then offering a 50% discount like every Shopify store owner does, try to just list the price that you want to sell at, and if someone visits the product page and spends a few seconds, and then they decide to leave the page, offer them a 10% discount coupon in exchange of their email address through an exit intent pop-up.

Increase Shopify Sales with Newsletter Discounts

This way, you get them excited to take action as they will get an “exclusive” discount that wasn’t advertised earlier, and if they decide to join your list in order to get the discount, you can then send them other promotional email to get them re-visit your Shopify store to buy other products later.

There are Shopify apps that give you this functionality, but I prefer to use a premium Shopify theme that comes with this feature as it saves you money and keeps your store fast.

Debutify theme has a free plan, and you can choose to activate this feature if you use it for your Shopify store in order to increase sales.

Protect your Privacy!

Sell Good Products

Many Shopify store owners are actually dropshippers who are trying to make a quick buck, and they look for low-priced items to sell at high margins in order to make the highest possible profit.

And this is why they fail.

They overlook the quality of the products, and the customers either don’t make a purchase because they feel that the product is not worth the price, or because they found many negative reviews about it.

Or worse, they might buy it and then ask for a refund!

Take the time to find products that have good quality even if that means lower margins for you, and think about the long-term potential of making money from repeat customers, because that is the secret to getting long-term success for any business.

Try to find products that solve a problem or help people avoid a certain pain, such as the self-watering spikes, as these sell better than products that are “cool to have”.

Useful Products for More Shopify Sales

Ecommerce Marketing Automation

Double Down on Products That Sell

If you find that a certain category of products sells more than other categories, try to find more products related to the same category and add them to your Shopify store.

And maybe, you can offer them as “related products” or cross-sells to the products that are selling well, or through email marketing campaigns to your existing customers.

This is how you scale your Shopify store and get more sales since you now understand your audience better and know what they want.

And if you are selling your merch on your Shopify store, then if a certain design sells well on a specific product like a t-shirt, try to add the same design to other products like hoodies and mugs, and market them either separately through ads and free traffic methods, or as cross-sells to the original product.

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Work with Reliable Suppliers

Finding reliable suppliers is one of the critical issues when it comes to selling online on Shopify or any other platform, especially if you are doing dropshipping or print on demand.

The reason for that is because when you work with an unreliable supplier, they might go out of stock without telling you, and you keep getting orders and paying the supplier, but nothing is being shipped to the customers.

And after a week or two of the order, when a customer haven’t heard from you anything, they might think that you are scamming them, and they will request their credit card company to issue a chargeback.

And even if the product arrives after a long time or arrives broken, the customers would not trust buying from you again, and this will prevent you from increasing the sales on your Shopify store.

Try to find reliable suppliers who respond to your messages quickly, and the ones with long history and satisfaction toward their customers.

If you are dropshipping from AliExpress, you can check out the reviews and the ratings of the different suppliers, and you can contact them for details on certain products and shipping times, and see if they respond quickly.

Alternatively, you can use directories or tools like Salehoo dropship in order to find reliable suppliers with faster shipping times.

Sell Products Required in Quantities

One example is consumables, which are products that people need to continuously buy and consume, such as false eyelashes, makeup cleaner wipes, coffee filters, …etc.

Such kinds of products can help you increase the average order value on your Shopify store as normal people usually buy them in bulk, and if they were happy with what got from you, there’s a possibility to come back and buy from you again.

If you are dropshipping these products, then you better try to find products that are better than what exists on Amazon or in the local market with new features/benefits.

Sell Reusable Eco-Friendly Products

Re-usable products can be a real problem solver as they save the customer money on the long run, and they are getting popular among the green people as they help save the environment from excessive consumption of raw material.

Examples of these are tote bags, reusable espresso capsules, reusable straws and cutlery, …etc.

Reusable Products Sell More on Shopify

Show Related Products

This is similar to the “Frequently bought together” option that you see on Amazon why you are exploring a certain product.

You simply show your store’s visitors products that are related to the one they are exploring, which might lead them to buy any of these products instead of expecting them to go and explore the store by themselves.

Related Products Increase Shopify Revenue

Quantity Break

This is a good strategy to make money with products that people could buy in quantities.

What you do here is that you offer them a certain discount percentage based on the number of items they buy from the same product, like: buy 3 get 10% off, buy 5 get 20% off.

Quantity Break Increase Shopify Conversions

This way, you encourage them increase their order value and you get more revenue per visitor with the same marketing budget.

Discount or Free Shipping after a Certain Cart Value

Another similar method for increasing Shopify store revenue is that you encourage them to reach a certain cart value, even from many different products, so that they get a discount or free shipping.

Cart Discount Increases Shopify AOV

Limited-Time Discount on The Order Confirmation Page/Email (My Personal Method)

Another great way to increase your revenue from the same customers (aka customer lifetime value), is that you give them a limited-time discount code just after they make a purchase on the confirmation page or in the confirmation email they get after their order.

I used this method to increase the customer LVT on one of my sites where I sell digital products, and it worked very well and increased the sales volume.

Improve Sales Copy on Page & Ad

One of the reasons new Shopify store owners can’t get sales is that because they don’t know how to communicate with their target audience.

If you want to sell a product to someone, don’t say “buy”, but rather, tell them about the benefit that they will get from buying it, which is usually connected to some kind of emotion.

For example, if you are selling an effective cleaning gadget for the car, say something like: “save your time and enjoy a clean car seat with this ….”.

And if you are selling something related to beauty or clothes, you could say: “make your friends go crazy on the next gathering with this …”.

You need to improve the sales copy on ads and on the product page, and even on the CTA buttons, such as when you say: “Save 20% Now!” when selling something with a discount.

Upsells & Cross-Sells

Upselling is when you offer a customer a higher end of the same product, and cross-selling is when you offer them other complementary products.

Upsells Increase Shopify Revenue

Usually you can offer these to the customer after they have added something to their cart, or sometimes after they have completed the purchase.

This method is very effective because it was found that it costs up to five times to acquire a new customer than to sell to an existing one.

And I experience this even when I purchase from a certain online store for the first time, all of a sudden, my trust increases and I’m willing to spend more even on the first session of my first order.

Use Sticky ATC Buttons

This option is available in some of the Shopify themes like eCom Turbo theme for example, where you can force the add-to-cart button to remain shown on the screen even when your potential customer is scrolling down on the product page.

Sticky ATC to Increase Shopify Sales

This makes it easier for the customer to add the product they are visiting to their cart without having to scroll all the way up again, especially when they are browsing your store from their mobile phone, which is usually the case nowadays.

Direct to Checkout

It is found that every more step that you make your prospect take before they make a purchase actually lowers the conversion rate as many people start to leave when visiting every new page during the checkout process.

This is why Amazon invented and patented the 1-Click Buy button (called “Buy Now”), where you click the button, and Amazon will charge your card and confirm the order automatically based on the information already stored about your credit card and shipping address.

And while it is difficult to create such a seamless experience on your store since you can’t store your existing customers credit card info, but at least, you can reduce the steps your customer takes when making an order by skipping the cart page and allowing them to go directly to the checkout page.

Diversify Your Traffic

Not all of your target customers use Facebook and Instagram, and you need to explore with other ways of getting traffic.

Even if you make good sales with these two networks, why not explore potential customers on other traffic networks instead of trying to find another product to sell on the same network.

There are many ways of getting traffic to your Shopify store, some are free such as SEO, Pinterest organic traffic, YouTube, …etc., and some are paid such as Google ads, Pinterest Ads, YouTube ads, …etc.

And sometimes certain products can be advertised and could make sales with Google ads, but not with Facebook ads.

Try to explore with new methods of traffic in order to increase your Shopify store sales, find what works, and double down on that.

Ecom Elites course teaches many of the paid and free methods for getting traffic to Shopify stores.

You can also use the Shopify sales channels in order to easily import your store and products your Facebook page and IG profile.

Referral Marketing

This method allows you to encourage your Shopify store’s visitors to work as marketers on your behalf and promote your products to their friends and relatives, in exchange of a certain perk, which could be a discount code that is activated after they share your product on the different social media platforms, which is something that you can do on your store using the Debutify theme.

Referral Marketing for More Shopify Sales

This method my help get a product on your Shopify store go viral and increase sales without you doing marketing to all of these people by yourself.

Continuous Email Marketing

Since you already have your customers’ email, and since it is easier to sell existing customers than to acquire new ones, why not market to them using email campaigns.

This way, you increase the customer LTV with the same marketing budget as you don’t need to spend money on email marketing when you have a list.

You only need to pay the monthly fee of the email marketing app, which is still lower than the cost of running ads to your customers.

And the nice thing is that you can automate your email marketing campaigns to your customers in order to follow a specific sequence based on what day they joined your database by becoming customers.

And at the same time, you can send broadcast email campaigns whenever you want, like sending an email announcement about a new product you added to your store, or when you have one of your best-selling products back in stock.

Or, you could send a monthly email telling your list subscribers about the best-selling products of that month, as many of them might not be aware of all the products on your store, and many people like to buy what others bought.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is different from direct response marketing in the fact that instead of sending your prospects to the product page directly, you send them to a piece of content that actually educates them about a certain topic, and shows them how a certain product that you sell can be useful to them.

For example, Ezra Firestone, the owner of one of the biggest Shopify stores, is using this method and have already made tens of millions of dollars in sales with it.

He published an article about 5 makeup tips for older women, and marketed it on social media platforms, driving massive targeted traffic to the article on his Shopify store, and then, from the article, he would drive the readers to certain products on the same Shopify store, making around $22M in sales.

Get Shopify Sales with Content Marketing

Now you can use the same method to educate your audience on certain topics related to the products you sell, and you can market the articles you do write through social media platforms, SEO, or through email messages to your list.

Make Your Store Trustworthy

Often times, Shopify store owners try to create and start promoting their stores on the same day, which is why the vast majority of dropshippers fail.

Before you try to promote your store to others, ask yourself, if you landed on this store and you don’t know the owner, would you buy from it?

This is how you know if others would trust buying from your store or not.

Some of the tips that allow you to increase the trust in your Shopify store and thus, make sales, are:

  • Complete pages and unbroken links.
  • Trust badges for payment gateways and security.
  • No grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  • Branding with a unique domain name and suitable logo.
  • Important pages.
  • Shipping and money guarantees.

Make a Fast Loading Store

As per Google, 53% of mobile users abandon sites that take over 3 seconds to load, and that’s a huge issue, especially that most of your Shopify store visitors usually browse it on their mobile phones.

And because an ecom store means uploading many images on the product page, usually high quality images, this causes the product pages to take a long time when loading on mobile phones.

Try to use a fast theme, reduce the size of your images, and user fewer apps and uninstall the unnecessary ones so that you make your store load faster.

More Payment Options

Offering two different payment options can improve the conversion rate on Shopify stores since people’s behaviour could differ depending on their country or age group.

For example, many people in the US prefer to pay with PayPal because of its security advantages, while in other countries, PayPayl might not be so popular.

And sometimes people in a certain age group don’t have PayPal accounts and find it too complicated for them to use, and they prefer paying with credit card directly.

Shopify allows you to add more than one payment method, so, try to take advantage of that and give your customers the flexibility and trust to buy from your store.

Easy-to-Navigate Store

Another way to increase the conversion rate on your Shopify store that is related to the user experience is by helping your store visitors to easily find what they are looking for.

You can do this in many ways such as:

  • Offering smart predictable search in the search bar.
  • Organizing products in collections.
  • Building mega menus for fast navigation.
  • Having a clean home page that offers links to the collections, best-sellers, and important pages.
  • Clean header & footer.
  • An FAQ Section.

Currency Converter & Translation

Showing the product pages in the language of your store’s visitor and the price in their own currency can help create rapport on the personal level, as they feel that the store belongs to someone who is familiar with them.

There are many apps, and even Shopify themes that can help you automatically show translate and convert the currency for every visitor by detecting their location based on the IP-address they are visiting your store from.

And some of them offer the option to have a tab where the customer chooses to which currency they want to convert the prices.

Currency Converter Boosts Shopify Sales

Debutify’s free version gives your Shopify this ability, so that you increase the conversions on your store.

Show The Best-Selling & New Arrivals on The Home Page

The home page is the first page someone sees when visiting your Shopify store, either because they heard about it from someone else, or because they have already visited your store in the past.

And since you still don’t know what they are looking for, you better show your best-selling products and your newest items as these usually have the highest potential of getting you sales.

Choose a Niche

Choosing a niche is important for all online and offline businesses, as it reduces the research time and helps you find your ideal customers, and makes it easier for you to manage and market your store.

You can go narrow and target 40+ yo women looking for beauty products, or you can make it broader and target all the people interested in outdoor activities, such as climbers, hikers, campers, …etc.

Or it could be about homeowners who could benefit from tools and gadgets that can help them in maintaining and cleaning their houses.

Try to choose a niche that you can connect with, and one that you already know, or at least you can learn about its audience.

Build a Brand

People trust brands that speak to them.

So, instead of naming your store, choose a brandable name that people won’t use unless they are looking for your store in particular.

Brandable names are better if they consist of one or two works, relevant to your audience or niche, but still not keyword-stuffed.

For example, is much better than the previous name above.

Also, use colors, images, and terminology that is more related to your target audience.

Offer a Money Back Guarantee

People are usually reluctant when offered to buy something from a new store, especially that many scams and quick-buck seekers are building stores to make few sales from selling low quality products, without taking into consideration the customer satisfaction as a mean for succeeding.

This is why you can increase the conversion rate on your Shopify store by offering a money back guarantee where you give more trust to your potential customers that their money won’t be gone without getting something of value.

Guarantees Boost Shopify Store Sales

And if you are afraid of getting lots of refunds, then you should not be selling what you are trying to sell in the first place.

Just sell something good that you would like to buy for yourself.

Be Upfront about Shipping Times

Another killer mistake that makes Shopify store owners lose sales from repeat customers and even get many chargebacks, as they try to overpromise with fast shipping claims that they can’t satisfy.

Or sometimes they hide the shipping times completely thinking that long shipping times can negatively affect the conversion rates.

But that actually pushes many potential customers away into looking for the same products elsewhere.

It is better to be upfront about the moderate-to-long shipping times and actively communicate with your customers, rather than overpromising and then getting many refunds and fraud chargebacks, which could completely shut down your business.

Be Reachable

Which store would you trust to buy from, a store that shows an email support, a phone number, a live chat, and responds to your comments on their social media posts and ads, or a store that offers none of that?

Support for More Shopify Sales

You don’t have to do everything at once, but at least, offer one clear method of communication on your Shopify store, which could be an email address at the beginning, and respond in a timely manner to the emails you receive and to the comments on your social media posts and ads.

Offer Discount Codes Related to Occasions or Locations

Another nice way to connect with your audience is by offering them discount codes related to their age groups or countries when using targeted paid ads, as this makes them feel special since they have exclusive discounts.

Or maybe, create limited-time discount codes related to certain occasions, such as St. Patric’s Day, Christmas, Ramadan, …etc., as these give the feeling of scarcity and the fear of missing out, which invokes your audience to take action and purchase before the sale ends.

Retargetting & Re-Marketing

One of the most underrated methods that can literally make or break a Shopify store.

Retargetting is usually done in order to reach people who visited your store and left it without buying anything.

And not reaching out to these people again is basically leaving money on the table, because many of them visited your store because they were interested in buying a certain product, but they either found it expensive, or they got busy with something else and forgot to come back and continue shopping.

You can target these people with new ads in different ways, such as using Facebook and Google ads if you have the relevant tracking pixels/codes installed on your Shopify store, or you can set up abandoned cart emails if they have already filled-in the checkout page but didn’t pay.

At the same time, you can also remarket to those who purchased from your store, but this time, by offering them other products related and complementary to what they have already purchased.

And you can do this using Facebook, IG, Google, and YouTube ads, or using email marketing campaigns.

Giveaways & Testimonials

This method that I learned from Franklin Hatchett in Ecom Elites is a good way to increase your reach organically on Facebook, build a following and a massive list for free, and allow others to promote your products and store for you.

What you do here is that you create a fan page on Facebook, arrange a weekly or monthly giveaway contest, tell people to comment by tagging their friends who might be interested in the product you are offering, share the giveaway post, join your list, and at the end, you will use a tool that would automatically pick a winner.

You send the winner the product to their address for free, and you ask them to send photos for themselves with the product, and share them on your store and social media accounts.

This way, you increase your reach to your target audience for free or for a very low cost, and you connect with your customers and increase the trust through the testimonials you get from the contest winners.

Offer a Wishlist

Allowing your Shopify store’s visitors to add products to their wishlist is a good way to help your potential customers browse your store and research different products before deciding on what to buy.

Wishlists for More Shopify Sales

Also, it will show them what they have already added to their list if they leave the store without buying and come back later.

You make their life easier this way, instead of losing them when they are moving between the different tabs and pages, which could lead them to leave the store without buying anything.

Conclusion – Tools to Help You Increase The Conversion Rate on Your Shopify Store?


These were 33 unique and effective ways to increase sales on Shopify stores that you can use starting today.

Some of them don’t require any tools or resources, but you can do them by yourself, like completing the store, offering guarantees, important pages, …etc.

But some of the above methods require using some tools, which could be free or paid Shopify apps.

However, I’m not a fan of using many apps as these cost lots of money on the long run, slow down your Shopify store, and cause security issues when not updated frequently.

Luckily, there are many Shopify themes that offer many of the functionalities that would help you utilize the above mentioned methods for increasing conversion rates on Shopify, usually paid.

But I found three great themes to choose from, based on your budget:

  • Flex theme by Out of the Sandbox, a Shopify owned company. (This one is pretty expensive, but one of the most reliable themes)
  • eCom Turbo by Franklin Hatchett. (Offers many conversion-boosting features, and sold at a very low price).
  • Debutify theme. (Offers lots of features, and comes with a free plan!)

It’s up to you which one to choose, but if you don’t have the money to buy any of them, then the last one would be your choice as they offer a free plan with many of the important features to choose from.

You can upgrade later to the paid plan or to any other paid theme when you have the budget to invest in it.

I hope that this list was insightful and helpful for you for getting more sales on your Shopify store.

If you think that it is worth sharing, then please, share it with other Shopify store owners that you know.

And if you have any question or need any help regarding anything mentioned here, please, feel fee to ask me in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

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