Is Shopify a Good Company?

Is Shopify really a good company and platform to build your business on?

Is it safe to use it to receive orders and payments, or should you use another platform?

Why are so many people recommending Shopify?

What kinds and sizes of businesses should you use it for? And when should you use one of the alternatives?

Can it handle big volumes of traffic and sales?

These questions and more, I will be answering in this short article in order to help you know if you should trust Shopify on your business, or use another platform.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Is Shopify a Good Company?

Shopify is a good company on many different levels, as it is improving on its existing products and services, adding new ones, increasing its user base, acquiring big brands as users, increasing its revenue and profit, and increasing its market cap through the increase in its stock price.

These all make Shopify a good and reputable company in its field compared to many other direct competitors and other companies that operate in the internet marketing field.

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Is Shopify a Good Platform?

Shopify is a good platform for building and hosting ecommerce store of different sizes as it is easy to use even for beginners, very reliable compared to other platforms, offers lots of tools and integrations for adding features to your store, and offers a great customer support.

There are millions of online stores that are built on the Shopify platform and the number keeps increasing at a higher pace compared to other platforms like Wix Ecommerce, Ecwid, BigCommerce, and others.

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Why Is Shopify Good?

Here are few reasons why Shopify is good:

  • Shopify was built mainly for hosting ecom store, which requires more resources and reliability than other types of websites.
  • Shopify is very easy to use even for people with no technical background or experience in websites, which means that you can create and manage your online store with it without the need to hire anyone to do it for you.
  • Shopify’s reliability is very high with an up time of 99.99%, which is important if you want to keep your store up in order to save your customers anytime they want to buy something from you.
  • Shopify offers a clean and beautiful layout for ecom stores that can help in branding and in converting more visitors into customers and allows for a good range of design flexibility depending on your branding and business needs.
  • Shopify allows for adding many functionalities through different apps and integrations that can help your business on the short run and on the long run, such as apps used for increasing the average order value, or apps used to collect the visitors’ emails in order to send them frequent promotions.
  • You can change the name of your Shopify store and the domain name anytime you want without a hassle.
  • The cost of using Shopify is low compared to using another platform with comparable features and resources.
  • Shopify offers flexible pricing plans and you can change from one plan to another based on your needs, and you can cancel your Shopify plan anytime you want, which makes it great for different sizes of businesses.
  • You can take a backup of your Shopify store in the form of CSV files if you decide to migrate your store to another platform.
  • Shopify offers a 14-day free trial to test the platform, and you can cancel before you get charged anything if you don’t like it.

Why Is Shopify Good

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Is Shopify Good for a Small Business?

Yes, Shopify is good for a small business since it can be used by almost anyone without having to hire a developer, which saves money, and it is very affordable.

And Shopify offers free themes that a small business can use in order to design their store based on their industry and their business needs.

Many small businesses are now starting their first online store on Shopify, or moving their existing store from WordPress, Wix or another platform into Shopify thanks to its higher reliability and better performance.

Since the pandemic started in 2020, more and more small and medium businesses started their Shopify stores because of its easy of use, and Shopify nearly doubled their revenue in the year 2020 alone compared to 2019.

Is Shopify Good for a Big Business?

Shopify is good for big businesses as stores built on it can host lots of pages, categories, and products, and it can handle lots of traffic without letting the ecom store go down.

And the different pricing plans of Shopify allow for different number of admins to get access for your store’s back office in order to manage different activities.

Many big businesses have already moved to Shopify such as: Red Bull, PepsiCo, Tesla, Nestle, Budweiser, and others, especially with the Shopify Plus plan that gives more capabilities and customizability range, and to availability of themes for large inventory Shopify stores.

Is Shopify Good for Big Brands

Is Shopify Good for eCommerce?

Shopify is good for ecommerce because it was mainly built to host online stores and offer the best possible experience for both; sellers and buyers, through reliable, fast, and nice looking stores than can be built and managed even by people who never built or managed a website before.

Ecommerce stores require better hosting and more resource than normal websites or blogs, as they would host high quality images that are big in size, and might need to receive a lot of visitors at the same time, and Shopify was built to provide all these needs.

While with other platforms like WordPress and Wix, you might need to upgrade to expensive plans and use other tools and apps and spend more money and time in order to give your website the same capabilities that you would get if you just started with Shopify.

Is Shopify a Good Place to Sell?

Is Shopify good for selling all kinds of products and services because it offers a good user experience and fast navigation, integrations with different payment gateways, and security to protect the buyer’s critical information.

Is Shopify Good for Dropshipping?

Shopify is good for dropshipping and it is so popular among dropshippers that some people ask if Shopify was only for dropshipping.

The reasons for that is that Shopify comes with many apps that you can integrate to your store in order to find products, import them to your store, edit their names and description, sell them, and then fulfill the orders with a few clicks of a button.

Some of these apps belong to third-party companies like Spocket, CJDropshipping, and EPROLO, or owned by Shopify like the Oberlo app.

Is Shopify Good for Dropshippers

Not only that, but you can also use Shopify to sell print on demand products like t-shirts, bags, hats, shoes, mugs, …etc. with your own design printed on them, which is another form of dropshipping, thanks to Shopify’s integration with POD companies like Printful, Printify, and SPOD.

You can read my guide on how to sell without inventory on Shopify, step-by-step.

Is Shopify Good for SEO?

Shopify is good for seo as it offers a powerful and fast web hosting that is important for seo, and it allows for a certain level of flexibility in link structure and content creation, which are also necessary for getting rankings and traffic from search engines.

It might not offer all what you can do with WordPress for example, but many Shopify stores are getting organic search traffic to their product pages, category pages, and blog posts.

SEO is more about finding the right keywords, content, internal linking, and user experience than it is about micro tactics and hacks.

Shopify does a good job when it comes to the user experience as they offer a fast, secure, and reliable hosting.

Shopify even offers a free course on SEO for beginners.

It is your duty now to find the keywords you want to rank for, and create good pages and content that matches the search intent.

Overall, Shopify is good for getting search engine traffic.

Is Shopify Good for Blogging?

Shopify is good for blogging and many ecom stores have built successful blogs on their Shopify stores in order to get traffic through content marketing by creating and publishing helpful articles that answer peoples’ questions and lead to their products as solutions, like BioLite Energy does.

Is Shopify Good for Blogging

It is a great platform if you want to start using content marketing as one of the free ways to drive customers to your Shopify store.

But if you want mainly to build a blog that is not related to an ecom store, then you may build it on WordPress as it an open source platform, and it offers more integrations and add-on’s that can be used by bloggers.

Is Shopify Good for Beginners?

Shopify is really good for beginners as it was created to be very user-friendly and easy to work with even for non-technical people such as beginners and small business owners who want to focus on their business, and not on learning technical skills related to building ecom stores.

The back-end interface is super-intuitive and easy to navigate through, and the ability to add and edit different pages and their elements can be learned very quickly.

That means that you can save a lot of money with Shopify as starting an ecom store and adding certain features on a platform like WordPress might require you to hire someone else to do some of the work for you, but on Shopify, you can do almost all of what you need as a beginner by yourself.

That’s why the number of Shopify users is increasing at a fast pace.

Is Shopify Good for a Service Business?

Shopify is good for businesses that sell different kinds of services as it allows for building a brandable and nice looking website, listing different services with their prices, and accepting orders and receiving payments.

Examples of these services could be:

  • Consultation.
  • Coaching.
  • Web development services.
  • Graphic design services.
  • Local services such as: printing, skincare, hairdressing, …etc.

And more.

And there are many Shopify themes that can be used for service businesses, free and paid.

Is Shopify Good for a Selling Digital Products?

Yes, Shopify is good for selling digital products as it can be used to create the different pages and receive payments, but notice that you need to use an app in order to be able to upload the digital products.

Sarah Titus makes tens of thousands of dollars in sales per month selling printable planners and templates.

Is Shopify Good for Digital Products

You can also sell courses, ebooks, and spreadsheets, in addition to many other digital products on Shopify.

Is Shopify Good for Restaurants?

Shopify is good for restaurants with different sizes of menus, and there are many Shopify themes are customized for restaurants and for food delivery.

Also, many Shopify themes and apps allow you to add a location map for your restaurant in case that you offer local pick-up or dine in services.

Is Shopify Good for Restaurants

Is Shopify a Good Website Builder?

Shopify is a very good website builder and a robust one that allows almost anyone to build a website with it, and mainly an ecom store.

But thanks to its general layout, available themes, and now the OS 2.0 infrastructure, it allows for more customizability even without any coding or technical knowledge.

Is Shopify a Good Site Builder

Is Shopify Good for Selling Art?

Yes, Shopify is good for stores that sell art products and services such as physical handmade items, paintings, printables, graphic design products, video art classes, photography services, and more, and there are many Shopify themes for artists that can help you build a brandable Shopify store for your art business.

Is Shopify Good for Selling Art

Can Shopify Handle High Traffic?

Thanks to its strong and reliable infrastructure, Shopify stores can handle high volumes of traffic from different countries at the same time, and process huge numbers of orders.

Just to give you an example, during the Black Friday Cyber Monday of 2020, collectively, Shopify stores made around $5.1B in sales, with an average cart value of around $89.

Can Shopify Handle High Traffic


This means that they have received around 57.3 million orders in total.

This is the number of orders, not the number of visitors!

With an average conversion rate of 2%, this means that the number of visitors to these Shopify stores is fifty times the number of orders.

The fact that big companies like Hyatt, Tesla, Nestle and others have built their websites on Shopify is a big sign that Shopify can be trusted and can handle huge volumes of traffic.

Conclusion – Shopify Is The Best Ecom Store Builder

There you go!

As you can see, Shopify is a good company and they offer a good and reliable platform to build and manage your business, sell products and services, and receive payments, and it is trusted by all kinds and sizes of businesses across many industries.

That’s why there revenue and number of users is increasing year after year, and their stock price is increasing at a higher rate compared to their competitors.

And the best of all, they are so confident that they offer you a 14-day free trial to try it, build your store, and even receive and fulfill orders before you pay anything, and you can cancel your subscription anytime you want if you don’t feel comfortable with it.

I hope that my article has helped you know how good Shopify is.

If you still have any question or if you are worried about something else, please, tell me in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

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