Shopify Minimal Theme Review

Shopify Minimal Theme Review
Is this theme theme any good for your Shopify store? Can its few features help your business, or should you consider another alternatives from the three below?

After reviewing tens of other themes, I write this unbiased Shopify Minimal theme review in order to help you know when to use, and when to look for a different theme that has different features and more customizability options.


Minimal Theme Review Summary

  • Name: Shopify Minimal Theme
  • Website:
  • Founders: Shopify
  • Quality & Support: 9 of 10
  • Features & Ease of Use: 8.5 of 10
  • Design & Flexibility: 9 of 10
  • Value for Money: 10 of 10
  • Testimonials: 9 of 10
  • Price: $0.
  • Recommended? Yes

Overall Rating: 9.1 of 10

Summary: Minimal is a good and clean Shopify theme for small catalog stores, and it is well-suited for stores that sell art works, clothes, and home and garden products, and it comes with some helpful features that can be used to increase your store’s conversions.

Minimal is also good for businesses that have physical stores or pickup locations and want to add a map to their Shopify stores.

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3 Things I Like The Most about Minimal Theme

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Minimal Comes from Shopify itself

It’s great that this free theme comes from Shopify itself, which means that, different from most free themes, it will come with a regular and free updates that ensure compliance to Shopify’s requirements.

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Has Some Useful Features

Usually, free themes come very basic, and if you want to add functionalities and features that can help you increase sales, then you need to use paid apps.

But Minimal theme comes with some good built-in features that usually require apps, or require you to use a paid theme.

Clean & Easy to Work with

Minimal gives a clean look to your Shopify store and helps in keeping the visitor focused on the products, which helps in increasing the conversion rate.

This also makes it a better fit for stores with small inventory, or for stores that sell items that need some though from the shopper, like art works, clothes, furniture, …etc.

It is also easy to work with, which saves you time and confusion.

Key Features of Minimal Theme & What They Do

Image Slideshow

Similar to the Brooklyn Shopify theme, this Minimal theme feature on the home page of your Shopify store adds to the interaction between the shopper and your store, and allows you to show more products in details with the wide slideshow images, which is good with art and furniture products.

Minimal Theme Slideshow

Wide Layout

This feature helps your store show products in more details with larger images that can cover the whole screen, which increases engagement and keeps the visitor focused on the product itself.

Pickup Location

This is a great feature for businesses who have a physical store, showroom, or pickup location, and want to share a location map on their Shopify store so that they make it easy for their customers to reach their location instead of getting lost and going to their competitors.

Minimal Theme Location Map

They click the “Directions” button, and the map will open in a different tab.

Scarcity Stock Number

This Minimal Shopify theme feature will invoke scarcity that makes people act faster and buy out of the fear of missing out, by showing the limited-stock number on the product page.

“You May Also Like” Feature

This feature on the product page allows you to show other products that are either similar to the same product someone is browsing, complimentary, or just related products that the same shopper might need to buy.

Shopify Minimal Related Products

This feature of Minimal helps in increasing the conversion rate and in increasing the average cart value on your Shopify store.

Product Filtering

This feature helps the shopper in sorting the products based on different criteria so that they find what they want faster without having to visit every single product page or collection page on your store.Shopify Minimal Product Filtering

Email Signup Form

This feature helps you easily create an email newsletter signup form in order to collect your store’s visitors’ emails for later promotions, which helps you do repeat advertising at a low cost.

Minimal Theme Newsletter Signup

Also, you can use it to offer the new subscribers a one-time discount code, which also encourages them to make their first order on your Shopify store.

Social Media Buttons

This feature allows you to add social media buttons in two places on your Shopify store:

  • In the footer of your store, so that you like out to your business’s social media accounts for your customers to follow you there and stay loyal to your brand.
  • In the product page, allowing your store’s visitors to share the products they liked on their social media feed for others to see them, which is basically free advertising for you.

But-it-Now Button

This button on the product page allows the shopper to add the product to the cart and head directly to the checkout page skipping the cart page, all in one click.

Minimal Theme Buy it Now

This strategy was proven to help increase the conversion rates on ecom stores, like it is with the 1-Click Buy button on Amazon.

Shopify Minimal Theme Styles & Demo

Minimal theme comes with three built-in styles that you can choose from and save time instead of starting from scratch, and you can change from one style to another, and you can customize every one to your own brand and products.

The Minimal theme styles are:

  • Vintage: Customized for selling vintage art.
  • Fashion: Customized for selling apparel.
  • Modern: Customized for selling furniture.

If you want to see Minimal theme demo stores, then from the download page of the Minimal theme on the Shopify theme store, choose the style you want to explore, and then click the “View Demo Store”, and a new tab will open with a Shopify store with that Minimal theme style.

Minimal Theme Demo

Minimal Theme Example Stores

On the download page of the theme, you can find some real example Shopify stores that use the Minimal theme, and you can click on them to open them explore them.

Shopify Minimal Theme Example Stores

Shopify Minimal Theme User Reviews

The Minimal theme has reviews from users on the Shopify theme store, and it is one of the highest rated free Shopify themes there, which is great.

Many are praising the quality and simplicity of the theme, along with the useful features, and few are complaining about the big images resizing on mobile devices.

But overall, this theme is highly-rated compared to other free themes.

Minimal Theme User Reviews

Minimal Theme Price & Free Download

Minimal theme doesn’t cost anything to download and use.

You can download Minimal theme for free from the Shopify theme store, and you get free updates with it.

Minimal Theme Price

If you think that it is too basic for your store, or that you want a theme for a larger catalog of products, then the following section of this Minimal Shopify theme review is for you.

3 Top Minimal Theme Alternatives

Free Alternative – Debutiy

This alternative to Minimal theme is a paid theme, and it costs a monthly fee to get all of its features and add-on’s, but you can get part of these features as it comes with a free version that you can download through this Debutify review.

Paid with Many Features – eCom Turbo

This option comes with many sales-boosting features, and suit larger catalog stores, but it is a paid one.

However, it is sold at a very reasonable price, and you can get free lifetime updates as you will see in my eCom Turbo review.

Best of All – Flex

This theme is the best alternative to Minimal for Shopify as it comes with many built-in styles, tons of useful features for branding and conversions, and it is created and maintained by a company that is owned by Shopify itself.

The downfall is that it’s a pricey theme, but it comes with free lifetime updates.

You can read more about it in my Flex Shopify theme review, and see if the exclusive coupon code is still there.

Minimal Theme Pro’s & Con’s


  • Quality theme that was created by Shopify itself.
  • Comes with free updates.
  • Good features that can help your store’s sales.
  • Three built-in styles to help you get started.
  • Highly rated from real Shopify store owners.


  • Limitations in customizability.
  • Few features.

Who Is Minimal Theme for?

Minimal theme can be good for Shopify store owners who sell a few products, and for those who sell products that need some focus when shopping them such as art, furniture, and clothes.

The theme is also good for businesses that own physical stores or pickup locations, and want to share a location map on their Shopify ecom store.

Shopify Minimal Theme Support

Minimal was created by Shopify itself, which already makes it a quality theme, but on top of that, it comes with regular updates that keep it reliable.

From the download page of Minimal theme, you can click the “Support and Documentation” tab, and you will see where you can find the documentation that shows you how to use the theme.

Conclusion – Is The Minimal Theme Good?

Minimal theme is one of the best Free Shopify themes, as it has a high rating from real users, it comes with some good features that can help your business, has three built-in styles to start with, and it gets regular updates.

You can go ahead and add Minimal to your store and start customizing it to your brand.

And if this theme doesn’t offer what you are looking for, then you can consider one of my alternatives mentioned earlier.

I hope that my honest Shopify Minimal theme review was helpful for you.

If you still need any help or if you have any question, please, leave it in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

Shopify Minimal Theme


Quality & Support


Features & Ease of Use


Design & Flexibility


Value for Money





  • Quality & Clean Theme
  • Created by Shopify with Free Updates
  • Good Selection of Useful Features
  • Built-in Styles to Help You Get Started
  • High Rating from Users


  • Limitation on Customization
  • Not Many Features

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