Shopify Retina Theme Review & Discount

Shopify Retina Theme Review

How can this theme from Out of the Sandbox help Shopify store owners?

Can it help you increase your store’s revenue?

Should you buy it? Or should you invest the $180 somewhere else?

I did the research for you, and this Shopify Retina theme review will tell you about this paid theme, what makes it unique, and whether it is worth the money or not.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Retina Theme Review Summary

  • Name: Shopify Retina Theme
  • Website:
  • Founders: Out of the Sandbox / Pixel Union (Shopify owned company)
  • Quality & Support: 9.5 of 10
  • Features & Ease of Use: 9.5 of 10
  • Design & Flexibility: 9 of 10
  • Value for Money: 9.5 of 10
  • Testimonials: 9 of 10
  • Price: $180 One-time payment for free lifetime manual updates, and the first year of the auto-updater app.
  • Recommended? Yes

Overall Rating: 9.3 of 10

Summary: Retina Shopify theme from Out of the Sandbox is a really good theme that offers some features that can help you in branding your store and in creasing revenue, and it is offered for a good price considering the savings you make by avoiding the paid apps, especially that it is developed and supported by a Shopify owned company.

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What Makes Retina Theme Different from Other Shopify Themes?

Like Flex and Turbo theme by Out of the Sandbox, Retina comes with some advantages that are not available in most of the free Shopify themes, and even in some expensive premium themes, such as:

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1 – Retina Theme Offers Store Design Flexibility (Important for Conversions)

Since it is easier than ever to create an online store, there will be hundreds of stores in every niche or industry.

Then how can you compete and succeed with your store?

It is by making it look unique and by branding it, and therefore, making it look more trustworthy and not just a store that was started overnight by some scammer.

And Out of the Sandbox’s Retina theme helps you with that through the following:

  1. Retina theme comes with four different styles that are already customized to be used in four different industries, as each industry and audience works better with a certain look of the online stores.
  2. For each Retina template, you have multiple width, menu, border and header style options that you can choose from, in order to finally customize your store and give it a different look from other Shopify stores using the same theme.

And the good thing is that when you buy Retina theme and pay its price once, you get all the four templates, and you can switch from one to another later on.

Retina Customizability

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2 – Retina Is Sold by a Shopify-Owned Company

Out of the Sandbox and Pixel Union are two companies that are now owned by Shopify, and they specialize in creating good quality and easy-to-use themes for Shopify stores.

Retina Theme Is Owned by Shopify

Why is this good?

Because Shopify makes continuous updates and improvements to its own infrastructure and coding, and for Shopify stores to keep running smoothly, the themes must be updated by the developers.

However, not all Shopify theme developers are quick and efficient when it comes to updating the themes they sell you.

But since Retina is developed and supported by a company that is owned by Shopify itself, this means that it will have faster updates that will help you keep your store free from glitches and bugs, and will give a good user experience to the visitors and help increase conversions.

3 – Free Lifetime Updates

You pay for the theme license once, and you keep using it on your store, or you can move it to another store if you decided to close the one for which you purchase Retina theme at the beginning.

And different from other paid themes like Booster or Shoptimized, Retina doesn’t require you to re-pay every year in order to extend the updates for another year.

You pay once, and then get the updates every year, and install them manually.

But there’s something good if you want to make automatic updates, you can do that through a paid app, which costs less than the Retina theme price on annual basis.

However, you get this app for free for the first year when you purchase Retina from Out of the Sandbox official website.

And if you decide that you don’t want to use the auto updates after the first year, you can just do manual updates.

While with other themes from independent developers, you mainly do manual updates, and you keep paying every year to renew your license!

Retina vs Other Themes

And worse, many of theme are even more expensive than Retina, and they don’t get updates as quick as it is with Retina and other themes from Out of the Sandbox.

This point alone should make it enough for you to favor getting a theme from Out of the Sandbox instead of going to independent developers that sell expensive themes.

Retina Theme Features That Can Help Your Business

Features that come with Shopify themes should serve the purpose of offering ways to grow your store and brand, and not be there just to increase your workload.

I explained more on this in my list of +30 ways to increase sales on Shopify stores, but here’s an explanation about how Retina’s features can help you increase your store’s revenue and profit:

Mobile-Friendly Design

More and more people are shopping online from their mobile phones, and that requires the stores they visit to look good and load fast on mobile phones in order to make them stay on the stores they visit and make a purchase.

On top of that, networks that bring traffic to online stores, such as Google and Facebook, started to favor stores that offer a good experience and fast loading when browsed from mobile phones.

This means better ranking on Google search engines in order to get free traffic to your Shopify store, and lower cost per click on advertising platforms like Facebook.

And Retina theme is already optimized to look and work well on mobile phone screens, which should help your store’s conversion rates and traffic.

Mobile-Friendly Retina Theme

Multiple Header Styles

As I explained earlier in this Retina theme review, being able to customize your online store and give it a unique look can help in increasing the trust in your brand and in connecting with your audience, and therefore, increasing the conversion rate on your Shopify store.

And as I mentioned earlier, you have different options for the header and menu layout with Retina Shopify theme.

Four Different Templates

Want to make your store connect more to your audience?

Retina comes with four pre-made templates that you can choose from, based on your store’s industry, niche, or products.

These templates are created to help you in getting the best look for your store that converts better, based on what you sell.

Mainly, these templates are designed to give your Shopify store a boutique look for selling apparel, footwear, home items, and skincare products.

Slide-Out Cart

This feature allows your store’s visitors to browse their cart wherever they are on your store, without having to leave the page they are currently on.

Slide-Out Cart Retina Theme

This offers a smooth and fast user experience, which helps in increasing conversions as users can go faster to the checkout page without having to visit the cart page first.

Retina Theme Is Optimized for Large Images

Large images help in showing product details and in increasing the engagement on your online store, which could help in encouraging the store’s visitors in making a decision and buying what you offer.

And in its four templates, Retina theme helps your store’s imagery shine with its full-width banners, slideshows and even videos.

If you have high-resolution photos for your products and collections, then Retina is a great theme to use.

FAQ Template

People have many questions about stores they want to buy from.

They are paying their money, and they want to know if there are any guarantees, the associated risks, the expected shipping times, …etc.

And many of them will just leave your store if they don’t easily find answers to these questions.

This is why the Shopify Retina theme comes with a template for the frequently-asked-questions page, where you can provide answers to the most common questions that online shoppers ask, and therefore, keep your store’s visitors and encourage them to buy from you.

Related Products

This is a great feature for increasing the average order value of your customer, as you can show them other products that are similar or related to the product they are currently browsing.

Retina Theme Related Product Feature

Upgraded Product & Page Layouts

This feature helps you create a unique and engaging product pages and internal pages with configurable sections.

Some of the customizability options you get from this feature are: rich text, image with text overlay, image gallery, blog posts, custom HTML, contact form, featured collection, map, video, quote, divider.

Buyer Testimonials

Retina theme offers you the ability to add testimonials from your existing customers on the products they have purchased.

This is a very great way to increase sales, especially that people usually are reluctant when making their first purchase from any online store, and they look for reviews about that store before they risk their money.

And having customer testimonial on your Shopify store can help in converting these prospects into first-time buyers.

Predictive Search

Predictive search helps in improving the user experience on your store, which makes the visitors’ life much easier in finding products to buy from you, and helps in keeping then on your store until they make a purchase.

And this is another feature that the Retina Shopify theme offers you.

And the nice thing is that with Retina, the predictive search doesn’t only show product names like it is with Amazon, but it shows images of the products as well.

Retina Theme Predictive Search

Retina Theme Templates

As I explained earlier, Retina theme from Out of the Sandbox comes with four different pre-made templates or styles that you can choose from.

Whatever template you buy would be the default of your store, but you will get with it the other three templates for no extra cost.

And you can later switch from one template to another.

These four Retina theme styles are:

  • Austin for stores selling footwear.
  • Amsterdam for stores selling apparel.
  • Melbourne for stores selling skincare products.
  • Montreal for Shopify stores selling home items.

Retina Shopify Theme Templates

Shopify Example Stores That Use Retina

There are many successful Shopify stores that are using the Retina theme, such as: So iLL, Madly Wish, Snoogs & Wilde, and others.

Retina Shopify Store Examples

Retina Theme User Reviews

There are many 5-star Retina theme reviews on Out of the Sandbox website from real users of the theme, praising the world-class support and the quality of the theme that helps in creating confidence in the Shopify stores that use it, which finally leads into getting more sales and revenue.

Retina Theme User Testimonials

Shopify Retina Theme Price

Shopify Retina theme costs a one-time payment of $180 for a lifetime license for one store.

You can transfer the theme from one store to another without extra cost if you decide to close the first store you purchased it for.

And as I mentioned earlier, unlike other paid Shopify themes from third-party developers that requires you to pay every year in order to get manual updates, with Retina you get lifetime manual updates by paying once.

But if you want automatic updates for Retina theme through a dedicated app, then you get the app for free for the first year of purchasing the theme, and then you need to either stick to the free manual updates, or you pay the annual fee of the auto-updater app and avoid the headache.

The price of Retina Shopify theme is really reasonable, especially when compared to the saving it will make you instead of using many paid apps to get the same features that you will get with Retina.

Also, it is a good price compared to third-party Shopify themes, and on top of that, you get the best support from Out of the Sandbox.

Retina Theme Discount Code (Exclusive)

Out of the Sandbox doesn’t usually offer a discount for its themes since they have already built a good reputation, and their themes are actually underpriced.

However, I managed to get you a10% discount code for Retina Shopify theme that is exclusive for Ecom Cents, which you can claim by going to the sales page of the theme on, choosing one of the four templates, adding it to the cart, and on the checkout page, you add the code JUDEH10 in the field that says: “Discount Code”, and hit the “Apply” button.

Shopify Retina Theme Discount

You will see the price after applying the 10% discount.

Note: This is an exclusive discount code that is not going to be offered forever, it is better to get the Retina theme now if you have made up your mind.

Shopify Retina Theme Free Download

Out of the Sandbox Retina theme is not available to download for free, and if you managed to find a free copy, or if someone offered you to buy it from them for a low price, it would be an illegal distribution, and it would mostly be outdated and buggy that it might actually create problems if you upload it to your Shopify store.

You better buy the original latest version and get the future updates from the official website or Retina’s developer, Out of the Sandbox.

>>> Click Here to Purchase Retina Theme with The Updates & Discount <<<

Note: Remember to use the discount code JUDEH10 at the checkout page to get 10% off on the Retina Shopify theme.

What if You Can’t Afford Retina Theme?

If you still can’t buy the Retina theme because of its price, then you have two options:

Pro’s & Con’s of Retina Shopify Theme


  • High quality theme.
  • Easy to use.
  • Many useful features that can help increase your store’s sales.
  • Great value of money as it saves you the cost of using paid apps.
  • Free lifetime manual updates, and free one year of automatic updates.
  • Using fewer apps helps in keeping your store fast and secure.
  • Flexibility in design with the different header layouts and four pre-made templates.
  • Created by a campany that is owned by Shopify, which means that it gets updates faster than other themes by 3rd-party developers.
  • A discount code for Retina theme is currently available as mentioned in the previous section.


  • There’s no money back guarantee, but that’s fine since you get free manual updates, and the theme is really underpriced compared to other themes.

Who Is Shopify Retina Theme for?

Retina theme can be a great option for Shopify store owners who want to brand their stores with ease, and increase their revenue with the features that Retina offers as explained earlier.

If you feel that Retina is a good option for your store and that any of the four templates/styles mentioned earlier can be a good fit for your store’s niche or products, then you can go ahead.

Retina Theme Support

The support for the Retina Shopify theme is offered by its developer, Out of the Sandbox, and it is available for free for the first year.

And the manual updates are free for the lifetime of the license, but the automatic updates through the dedicated app are free for the first year, and paid after that.

Retina Theme Support and Updates

Retina is a high-quality theme, and it will usually remain up-to-date as it is developed and supported by a Shopify owned company.

The support is for Out of the Sandbox themes is mainly offered through email, and they promise you to get an answer to your support inquiries within 24 hours.

Conclusion – Is Retina Theme Worth it?

Yes. Retina theme by Out of the Sandbox is worth the investment for your Shopify store if you want to get the revenue-increasing features, and save money on the long term instead of using many different paid apps that will give you the same features.

Not to mention that Retina offers free automatic updates for the first year, and free manual updates after that, while other paid themes require you to pay on annual basis in order to renew the license.

This is my conclusion for this Shopify Retina theme review by Out of the Sandbox.

If you still need any help or if you have any other questions regarding Retina, let me know in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out asap 🙂


Quality & Support


Features & Ease of Use


Design & Flexibility


Value for Money





  • High Quality Theme
  • Great Price
  • Many Useful Features
  • Design Flexibility
  • Great Support & Updates


  • No Money Back Guarantee

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