SaleHoo Dropship Review 2022

SaleHoo Dropship Review - Is it Worth it?

Is this new tool worth the money? Does it really help you save time and effort while looking for reliable US dropshipping suppliers and in managing your Shopify dropshipping store? And how is it different from Oberlo?

These questions and more I will be answering in this SaleHoo Dropship review, in order to help you make a decision in getting this tool or not.

SaleHoo Dropship Review Summary

  • Name: SaleHoo Dropship
  • Website:
  • Founders: Mark Ling & Simon Slade
  • Quality: 9.5 of 10
  • Support: 9 of 10
  • Ease of Use: 10 of 10
  • Time Saving: 9.5 of 10
  • Pricing: 9 of 10
  • Price: Two Plans:
    • Basic Plan: $27/Month, or $270/Year. (Pay 10 months and get 2 months free)
    • Premium Plan: $97/Month, or $970/Year. (Pay 10 months and get 2 months free)
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 9.4 of 10

Summary: SaleHoo Dropship is a good tool that can help you find hand-picked, reliable dropshipping suppliers from AliExpress, that can ship directly from USA and save you some time and effort by getting your shipments reach the US customers faster.

The tool allows you to research products from reliable suppliers and to import them to your Shopify store in one click only, and fulfill orders with few clicks as well.

What Is SaleHoo Dropship?

SaleHoo Dropship is a tool that is created mainly to help Shopify dropshipping store owners to find and easily import products from AliExpress from reliable suppliers that can ship from the US, which allows for faster fulfillment time, and happier customers.

What Is SaleHoo Dropship

Similar to Oberlo, the SaleHoo Dropship tool allows you to import the products you found to your Shopify store with one click only after setting the variants and the pricing.

The main benefit of SaleHoo over other Shopify dropshipping tools and apps such as Oberlo or Modalyst, is that you SaleHoo Dropship allows you to find products at a low price from AliExpress, like Oberlo does, but at the same time, these products are sold from reliable suppliers that ship from USA, like it is with Modalyst.

How Does SaleHoo Dropship Work?

1 – Get SaleHoo Dropship Tool & Connect it to Shopify

You can get the SaleHoo Dropship tool through signing up for any of the two plans on the official website.

How SaleHoo Dropship Works

I recommend that you start with the Basic plan and pay for the first month only, so that you try it and see if you want to continue or cancel your membership.

2 – Research Hand-Picked Vendors & Products for Your Store

The SaleHoo Dropship team made it easy for you as they have looked for reliable suppliers from the AliExpress marketplace who can ship from USA, and added them to the SaleHoo dropship directory, so that you can find inexpensive trending products to sell at high margins.

Find Products with SaleHoo Dropship

You simply select the category of the products you want to research, or you enter a keyword in the search box related to the industry, niche, or product, and the tool will get you the listed products, their prices, shipping costs and estimated delivery times.

3 – Add Products from SaleHoo Dropship to Your Shopify Store in 1 Click

After finding the product you want to sell on your Shopify store, you select them, specify which variants you want to add, set the price and the comparing price, and click the “Upload to Shopify” button, and the items will be added to your Shopify store automatically.

Import SaleHoo Dropship Products to Shopify

Now that the products are listed on your store, you can go to the Shopify admin dashboard and edit the title, description, and even re-set the price and the shipping terms.

That’s how SaleHoo Dropship works for automating product listing on your Shopify store from AliExpress.

You can also easily fulfill the orders as you get them with few clicks.

SaleHoo Dropship Vs. Oberlo

Both SaleHoo Dropship and Oberlo are used for connecting Shopify dropshipping stores to AliExpress in order to make it easy to import products from AliExpress to and sell on Shopify without inventory.

The main difference is that Oberlo lets you do all the research yourself in order to find potentially winning products from reliable suppliers that can ship fast.

While with SaleHoo Dropship, the tool developers have already handpicked a good number of reliable AliExpress suppliers who have been there for long time, and the ones that can ship directly from USA, which makes your orders arrive to the customers faster and saves you the headache.

Add to that, SaleHoo Dropship team have already researched trending products in different industries and niches in order to help you find them faster.

SaleHoo Dropship vs Oberlo App

However, the other difference is that SaleHoo doesn’t offer a free plan like Oberlo does, but anyway, the free Oberlo plan doesn’t include trending products suggestions, and even the paid Oberlo plans don’t offer supplier recommendations.

SaleHoo Dropship Pricing Plans

There are two plans available for the SaleHoo Dropship tool, as follows:

SaleHoo Dropship Basic Plan

This plan costs a monthly payment of $27/month, or an annual payment of $270 (You save $54/year).

Main features of this plan are:

  • 1 sub-user account
  • Automate one Shopify dropshipping store
  • Import 500 high-profit AliExpress products
  • One-click import from AliExpress to Shopify to save time & maximize profits
  • Personal email support.
  • Trending products from trusted and vetted US suppliers

SaleHoo Dropship Premium Plan

This plan costs a monthly payment of $97/month, or an annual payment of $970 (You save $194/year).

Main features of this plan are:

  • 3 sub-user accounts
  • Automate 3 Shopify dropshipping stores
  • Import unlimited high-profit AliExpress products
  • Dedicated Onboarding Account Manager
  • One-click import from AliExpress to Shopify to save time & maximize profits
  • Trending products from trusted and vetted US suppliers

So, the main differences between both SaleHoo Dropship plans are the following three:

  1. The Basic plan can be used by one user and for one store only, while the Premium plan can be used by three users and for up to three Shopify stores.
  2. The Basic SaleHoo Dropship plan allows for importing the maximum of 500 AliExpress products to a Shopify dropshipping store, while the Premium plan allows for importing an unlimited number of products.
  3. The Basic plan offers personal email support, while the Premium plan offers support through a dedicated onboarding account manager.

Which SaleHoo Dropship plan to get?

In my opinion, you can first start with the Basic SaleHoo Dropship plan and pay for the first month (only $27 through any of the links in this SaleHoo Dropship review), and try it for yourself.

If you feel comfortable with it, and if it save you time and hassle when looking for trending products from reliable suppliers that ship fast, then you can continue to pay on monthly basis, or save money and get the yearly plan.

And if you want to use it for more than one store, or to hire others to work with you, then you can upgrade to the Premium SaleHoo Dropship plan.
SaleHoo Dropship Pricing Plans


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Pro’s & Con’s of SaleHoo Dropship


  • Offers handpicked AliExpress suppliers with good reputation.
  • Find dropshipping suppliers that ship from US in order to have fast shipping times.
  • Find trending products in different industries and niches.
  • Can be a real time saver instead of researching products and suppliers by yourself.
  • Monthly and annual plans are available.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Cancel any time.


  • There’s no free plan to try it.
  • No refund is available.
  • The tool is still new and doesn’t have many testimonials, but SaleHoo has hundreds of positive reviews on Trustpilot from users of its other products.

Who Is SaleHoo Dropship for?

SaleHoo Dropship can be useful for Shopify dropshippers who are tired of researching the AliExpress marketplace in order to find trending products from reliable suppliers that can ship fast from the US.

The SaleHoo Dropship tool can be a time-saver as the team handpicked products and suppliers in different niches for you, which makes it worth the small investment.

SaleHoo Dropship Support

The support of the SaleHoo Dropship tool is provided mainly as a direct email support for the Basic plan members, and through a dedicated onboarding account manager for the Premium plan users.

Conclusion – Is SaleHoo Dropship Worth it?

Yes, SaleHoo Dropship worth the small investment as it helps in saving the time and effort when researching suppliers and products, which gives you more time to focus on your marketing efforts.

This is my conclusion of this SaleHoo Dropship review.

If you are not sure about it yet, then remember that you can test it with the basic plan for a complete month for only $27, and you can then decide whether to continue with it, or to cancel your membership.

If you still have any question about anything mentioned here, or if you need any help, please, let me know in the comments’ section below, and I will be happy to help you out 🙂

SaleHoo Dropship






Ease of Use


Time Saving





  • Easy to Use
  • Research Is Done for You
  • Time Saver
  • Flexible Pricing Plans
  • Cancel Any Time


  • Still New
  • No Free Plan
  • No Refund

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