Shopify Shella Theme Review

Shopify Shella Theme Review
Is the Shella theme worth the money, or should you get a different theme?

What are the features that come with Shella and how can they improve your Shopify store’s performance?

These questions and more I will be answering in this unbiased Shopify Shella theme review, in order to help you know how this theme is different from others, and if it was worth the investment, or if there’s a better alternatives.

Let’s dive in!

Shopify Shella Theme Review Summary

Overall Rating: 9.2 of 10

Summary: Shella is a good Shopify theme with a good range of flexibility options that allow you to customize your store to your brand and audience, and with many sales-boosting features.

The price is reasonable compared to other themes with similar features, but the downfall is the fact that you need to keep paying in order to keep getting updates, unlike some of the options I will mention later in this Shella theme review.

3 Things That Differentiate Shella Theme

1 – Flexibility in Store’s Look

Shella allows you to change the look of your Shopify store with the customization options it offers.

For example, Shella comes with many homepage and product page layouts to choose from.

Shella Shopify Theme Flexibility

It also comes with many built-in skins that are pre-designed for hosting stores that sell products in specific industries like fashion, plants, cosmetics, gadgets, …etc.

2 – Shella Is a Best-Selling Shopify Theme

Shella is sold on the Theme Forest marketplace, and it is one of the top ten selling Shopify themes there, and it’s overall rating is close to 5 stars.

This gives you some comfort that it would be a good quality theme with good support and performance.

3 – Many Revenue-Boosting Features That Could Help Your Store

In addition to the regular updates and support, premium Shopify themes come with many features that can be used in order to increase the stores’ chances of success.

And Shella comes with many of these useful features that you can use for free, while you would need to use paid apps in order to use them if you didn’t have a theme like Shella that have all of these features.

Shella Theme Features & How They Can Help Your Store

Here are some of the many features of the Shopify Shella theme and how they can help your Shopify store’s performance and revenue:

AR & Lookbook

These two features allow you to experience the products as if they were in real life and in the place where you expect them to be.

Shella Theme AR Feature

This helps the customers make the right choice of the products and variants that they would like to have, instead of getting confused and leaving your store, or sometimes buying and then requesting to return the item through purchased.

Countdown Timers & Quantity Scarcity

These two features help in getting your store’s visitors act fast and make a purchase fearing that they might miss out on the available temporary discount, or if the quantity ends.

Quick Buy

This one allows the customer to preview the product and even add it to their cart without having to visit the product page of that specific product, which makes the overall user experience more convenient and helps in converting more visitors into buyers.

Shella Theme Quick Buy

Sticky ATC

This feature makes the add-to-cart button remain at the bottom of the product page as the shopper is scrolling up and down.

Sticky ATC Shella Theme

Similar to the previous feature, this makes it easier for the customer to get back to the ATC button without having to scroll all the way up in order to find it.

Estimated Delivery Time

This feature helps the customer in knowing when the product would arrive to their doorstep if they order it now.

This will save you tons of time instead of answering calls and emails from customers interested in buying your products, and would mostly increase teh conversion rate on your store as many people leave to look for what they want somewhere else when they don’t find all the details they want on your store.

Related Products

This feature offers your store’s visitor other products that are either alternatives for the product they are viewing, products that are complimentary, or just products in the same category that are related to what they are browsing, which might help increase the average cart value on your store and make you more money with the same advertising efforts.

Multi-Currency & Multi-Language

These two features of Shella theme help in making your store’s visitor feel that they are in a place that they can relate to, as they can browse your store in their own language, and they can see the prices in the currency they prefer to pay with.

Overall, this increases trust in your Shopify store and helps in converting more visitors into buyers.


This feature allows your store’s visitors to add products that they like, but have not yet made a decision to buy, to their wishlist, in order to come back later and decide which one they want to purchase, instead of going forth and back between different product pages, which is annoying to some people who might leave without buying if this option wasn’t there.


This feature from Shella allows your customer to add similar products into one comparison table, where they can then view them beside one another in order to make the right decision and buy the one that is better for them.

Compare Products with Shella Theme

This is a cool feature that is not available on many premium Shopify themes like Shella and Fastor theme.

Vertical & Horizontal Mega Menu

Mega menus help the online shopper into getting to what they want more quickly by showing all the collection and sub-collections in one big menu without having to click many times on different tabs.

And Shella theme allows you to create a mega menu either horizontally in the top bar in the header, or vertical on the left sidebar.

Shella Theme Mega Menu

Multi-Filtering of Products

Another very useful feature of the Shella theme that can help shoppers to find the product with the specifications they want faster.

With this feature, your store’s visitor can tick few boxes that select certain features of the products like color, brand, country of origin, material, size, …etc., so that they see only the options that meet the options they selected.

Product Video

Videos can help increase the engagement on your Shopify store and can help in showing how the product is used in real life, which makes it more comfortable to buy it for the customers.

And Shella allows you to add videos for the products you sell on the product page with ease.

Size Guide Pop-up

This feature helps in showing the size of clothes in different standards such as US and European standards, which makes it easier for the shopper to find the size they want without having to convert from one standard to another, which could also increase the conversion rate on your Shopify store.

Product Page Custom Tabs

In order to sell products, you need to provide enough information that the shoppers would want to know about them.

But you need to organize this information in an easy-to-consume manner.

And this feature of Shella allows you to do so by arranging the information in different tabs on the product page.

Shella Theme Product Page Tabs

Shipping Rates Calculator

Another very useful feature of Shella theme is the shipping cost calculator, which allows your customer to know how much it would cost to ship the product to their location, so that they don’t get surprised on the checkout page and leave.


This button allows the customers to add the product to the cart and get redirected to the checkout page with one click only.

Shella Product Page Features

Amazon has found that with each step they eliminate from the buying process, they can increase the conversion rate significantly.

And that’s why they patented the 1-click buy button.

Add Customer Reviews

Adding reviews and testimonials from previous buyers can help encourage the new visitors of your store to buy from you, as they know that others liked what have purchased.

And Shella allows you to add customer reviews on product pages of your Shopify stores.

Slideout Cart

This feature allows the shopper to view their cart and edit it without having to load the cart page, simply by clicking the cart icon on the top bar, and the cart would appear on the right side of the screen.

Slideout Cart Shella Theme

This also improves the overall user experience and helps in completing more orders from the same number of visitors.

Email List Signup Form & Pop-Up

Email marketing has a high ROI when it comes to the online advertising methods, and it can help increase the customer lifetime value on your Shopify store.

And Shella theme helps you by allowing you to easily capture the email addresses of your store’s visitors before they leave, in exchange of a discount code, so that you encourage them to make their first order, and you can keep promoting to them new products and promotions in the futures.

Ajax Automplete Search with Images

This is a predictable search feature that is very similar to the autocompletion search on Amazon, but in addition, this feature shows the products’ images so that the customer finds the exact option they want faster.

Ajax Search Shella Theme

Built-in Shopify Shella Theme Skins

Shella theme comes with tens of built-in skins and layouts that are designed to find stores in different industries, which can help save you the time and effort in order to find the one that works best on your store.

These industries and niches could be:

  • Fashion.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Computers and electronics.
  • Gadgets and tools.
  • One product brands.
  • Books.
  • Jewelry.
  • Furniture.
  • And more.

It is important to note that you the skin might not come with the images you see in the demo stores of Shella theme.

You need to get and add images that you have the right to use.

Shopify Shella Theme Store Demos

On the sales page of the Shella theme by MPIthemes on Theme Forest, can click the “Preview Item” button, and a new tab will open with many of the layouts and skins available for the Shella theme.

Shella Theme Skins Demo

You can click on any of them and a demo store will open in a new window for you to explore it.

Real Shella Theme Customer Reviews

Shella theme has more than 100 reviews by real users on the Theme Forest marketplace, and the overall rating is close to 5-stars, which is impressive.

Shella Theme Customer Reviews

Many of these reviews praise the quality theme, the customizability, the helpful features, and the overall experience with the customer support from the developer.

Shopify Shella Theme Price

Shella theme is sold for a one-time payment of $79 for a 1-store license, and you get six months of free support.

You can pay an additional $24 in order to extend the support for another six months.

Shella Theme Price

Shella Theme Free Download

The Shopify Shella theme is not available for free downloads, and if you manage to get a free version somewhere, it would be pirated and outdated, which would cause bugs and security issues at your Shopify store, and would make you lose customers and sales.

The only way to get the Shella theme is through buying it from the Theme Forest marketplace, and the price is affordable.

3 Best Shella Theme Alternatives for Shopify

If you feel that Shella is not the theme you want to use on your store, then here are some alternatives for you:

1 – Debutify – Premium Theme with a Free Plan

Debutify theme is a premium quality theme, and it offers many sales-boosting features.

However, it comes with a free plan that offers some of these features that you can use, and you can either stick to the free version of the theme, or you can upgrade anytime you want to the premium plans in order to use all the available features.

Check out my Debutify review in order to see where you can get the free version.

2 – eCom Turbo – Premium Theme with The Best Price

This Shopify theme is a paid one, and costs a little bit more than Shella, but it comes with lifetime updates and support without having to keep paying.

That makes it cheaper on the long run.

Also, it comes with a conditional 14-day money back guarantee.

Learn more about it in my eCom Turbo review.

3 – Flex Theme – #1 Overall Shopify Theme

This is the best Shopify theme ever, as it is created, maintained, and sold by a company that is owned by Shopify itself, which means that it will always meet the high standards and requirements of Shopify with regular updates.

It also comes with many built-in layouts in different industries.

And although it costs much more than the Shella theme, but it comes with free lifetime updates.

It also comes with a 14-day money back guarantee, and you can get a 10% discount code through my Flex theme review.

Pro’s & Con’s of Shella Theme


  • Design flexibility with the available home page and product page layouts and different skins.
  • Low cost.
  • High rating on the Theme Forest marketplace.
  • Best-selling Shopify theme.
  • Many useful features that could help your store’s revenue and profit.


  • No money back guarantee.
  • No free plan or trial.
  • You need to keep paying in order to get continuous support and updates.
  • Misses some key features such as the upsell and cross-sell pop-up.

Who Is Shella Theme for?

Shella theme can be a good option to Shopify store owners who are looking for good customizability options, income-boosting features, and good support.

The main downfall about Shella theme is the fact that you need to keep paying in order to get support.

Shella Theme Support

The support of the Shella Shopify theme is provided by the developing company, MPIthemes.

On their website, there are many articles and FAQ’s that you can explore, and you can also submit a ticket and receive help through email.

Shella Theme Support

It is unclear how long it would take to receive reply from the support team, but the user reviews are positive about the support team.

Conclusion – Is Shella Theme Worth it?


Shella theme is a good option for your Shopify store if you want a good flexibility range so that you customize your store.

And it has many great features that can help you increase the revenue of your store, and on top of that, Shella is sold at an affordable price.

The main I don’t like is that you need pay on regular basis in order to keep getting the support, which is why I recommended the alternatives above.

But in general, Shella is worth the money.

This is my conclusion to this Shopify Shella theme review.

If you still have any question about Shella theme or about anything in this review, please, tell me in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to get back to you asap 🙂

Shopify Shella Theme


Quality & Support


Features & Ease of Use


Design & Flexibility


Value for Money





  • Top-Selling Theme
  • High User Rating
  • Good Price
  • Flexibility in Design
  • Lots of Useful Featrures


  • No Free Plan or Trial
  • No Refund
  • Misses Some Features Like The Upsell Pop-up
  • Support Requires Repaying

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