Shoptimized Theme Review

Shoptimized Theme Review

Is Shoptimized worth it, or is it a hyped-up and expensive theme?

From my experience in e-commerce, I will tell you in this unbiased Shoptimized theme review how this theme is different from others, and how its features can, or can’t, help your Shopify store generate more income and profit.

And if this wasn’t for you, then you will learn about alternative themes that cost less than Shoptimized, and still offer great value and useful features.

Let’s jump in!

Shoptimized Theme Review Summary

  • Name: Shopify Shoptimized Theme
  • Website:
  • Founders: Bradley Long
  • Quality & Support: 9 of 10
  • Features & Ease of Use: 9 of 10
  • Design & Flexibility: 8.5 of 10
  • Value for Money: 9.5 of 10
  • Testimonials: 9 of 10
  • Price:
    • $167 For the Basic Plan – 1-Store License.
    • $197 For the Pro Plan – 3-Store License.
    • $597 For the Ultimate Plan – 10-Store License.
  • Recommended? Yes

Overall Rating: 9 of 10

Summary: Shoptimized is a good Shopify theme that comes with conversion-boosting features that could help your Shopify store,

Shoptimized also comes with lifetime upgrades and support, and it comes with an auto-updater app, which saves you time and hassle.

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What Is Unique about Shoptimized Shopify Theme

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Free Upgrades & Support

Shoptimized themes comes with free support and upgrades on the theme.

This means that you pay only once for the theme, but you keep getting the updates for the lifetime of the theme, which is similar to themes developed by Pixel Union like Empire, and themes by Out of the Sandbox like Parallax.

Shoptimized Update

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Auto Updater App

Another nice thing about Shoptimized that is not easy to find with Shopify themes by independent developers, but it comes with themes developed by Out of the Sandbox like Turbo theme and Flex theme.

This Shopify app allows you to set auto updates for the Shoptimized theme on your store, which saves a lot of time and effort so that you focus on running your store.

Optimized for Increasing Conversions

Shoptimized was created by Bradley Long, who is a conversion optimization expert, and he added to the theme the features that are necessary to use methods that can help increase sales on your Shopify store.

Shoptimized Features & What They Can Do

Shoptimized theme comes with many features that can add certain functionalities to your Shopify store in order to help you increase revenue and profit, such as:

GEO-IP Recognition & Currency Selector

These two features can help in giving more comfort to your store’s visitors as they see the name of their country, and they can choose one of the available currencies in order to show the prices with it.

Shoptimized Currency Selector

This makes the visitors feel more connected to your store, and might help in increasing the conversion rate.

Countdown Timer and Remaining Stock

These two can help in creating urgency and scarcity as the visitor sees that a certain sale will end in few hours, or that the remaining quantity of a certain product is limited, which pushes them to make a purchase instead of waiting until tomorrow, and then forget about it.

Scarcity Tools for Shoptimized

Get-it-By Timer

Shown in the previous screenshot above, this helps the visitor to estimate how long it would take until the product arrives to their door, which is something people are always worried about when considering to purchase something online.

Email Pop-Up

This Shoptimized theme feature allows you to collect emails of your store’s visitors, in exchange of a certain discount, so that you advertise to them again through email without having to pay for ads.

Marketing Integrations

Shoptimized makes it easy to integrate your Shopify store with different advertising platforms such as Google, Facebook, and others, so that you track the performance of your campaigns, optimize them, and do re-targeting ads, which all together help get better results.

Shoptimized offers clear places where you can add the tracking codes that belong to each advertising platform without having to login to the theme code.

Video Embedding

Video can significantly increase the conversion rates when people see the product in use, and Shoptimized theme allows you to embed videos in product pages beside the product photos, in addition to the ability to embed videos in the footer of your store.

Predictable Search with Images

This is like the auto-complete feature in Google search bar, and in the Amazon search bar, but additionally, and similar to other Shopify themes like the Prestige theme, the search on stores with Shoptimized shows the image of each product that is auto-populated when the visitor is still typing.

Shoptimized Predictive Search


This menu helps the user experience so that your customers find it easier to explore categories and subcategories and reach to what they are looking for more quickly.

Phone Number

Giving an easy way for your store’s visitors to contact you and ask for some details can significantly boost the conversions, and Shoptimized allows you to add your phone number on your store so that your customers find it more convenient to reach out with one click.

Sticky Header

This makes it easier for the store visitor to reach the top menu and the search bar wherever they were on the page, without having to scroll all the way up again.

This allows for a more seamless experience that can also help the visitors to easily find what they are looking for and buy it.

Sticky ATC

This feature keeps the add-to-cart button available at the button of the screen as the visitor is scrolling up or down, which keeps it very easy to them to finally add the product they are browsing to their cart.

Slideout Cart

This one allows the customer to explore their cart without having to leave the current page, which makes it faster to do so without having to keep jumping from one page to another, and then get bored and leave.

Shoptimized Slideout Cart

Upsell & Cross-Sell Pop-Ups

These pop-ups allow you to offer upgrades of the same product someone considered buying, or to buy other complimentary products.

This can help increase the average order value on your Shopify store with the same amount of traffic and advertising budget, which means higher overall profit.

Related Products

This one allows you to show different products on a certain product page, which might be alternatives or variations to the product someone is browsing, or could be products that can be bought together with that product.

Quick Buy

This feature allows you to explore a certain product and add it to the cart without visiting the product page of that product.

Simply, the customer hovers over the product cart, and the button “Quick Buy” will show up, they click it, and a small pop-up will open to show the product description with an ATC button.

Shoptimized Quick Buy Button

Product Filtering

This feature allows your customers to filter products based on a certain feature, such as: size, material, brand, …etc., so that they reach faster to the product they want to buy.

Exit Intention Pop-Up

This one allows you to show a pop-up message to those trying to exit your store without purchasing, where you can offer them an additional discount or alternative and encourage them to stay on your store and complete their order.

Product Page Sections

A high converting product page should have enough details that tell the customer what they want to know, but at the same time, this page should be easy to consume.

And these sections on the product page by Shoptimized theme allow you to organize the different information in different tabs that are easy to navigate between.

Shoptimized Product Page Sections

Customer Testimonials

Seeing reviews from other customers can help give trust in your store and in the items you sell, which can increase the conversion rate.

And Shoptimized theme allows you to add these customer reviews on product pages without using an external app.

Skip The Cart

This feature allows you to let customers go directly to the checkout page without having to go through the cart page first.

Amazon and other marketplaces found that you can increase the conversion rates with every step you take out from the purchasing process, and this Shoptimized theme feature can definitely help your Shopify store.

Other Shoptimized Products

Shoptimized offers other products in addition to the Shopify theme, such as:

  • UpLiftHero App that can be used to add product carts below the ATC button on a product page, which can help increase the average cart value. ($27/month)
  • Funnel Buildr, which is a Shopify app that can be used to create a complete sales funnel with a custom landing page, customer checkout page, two upsells, and two downsells. ($27/month)
  • eCom Conversions, a $1,497 course about conversion rate optimization.
  • The Seven-Figure Store Blueprint, a $997 about how to create a 7-figure Shopify store.
  • Speed Boost Ninja, a Shopify app to make your store load faster in order to increase conversions, get cheaper advertisement costs, and better SEO rankings. ($19/month)

Shopify Shoptimized Theme Templates

Shoptimized allows for a certain degree of customizing the different pages on your Shopify store, but there don’t seem to be done-for-you templates that are designed for stores in certain industries to start with and save the time, like it is with the themes available on OOTS, Pixel Union, or on the Shopify theme store.

Shoptimized Theme Example Stores

There are many Shopify stores that use the Shoptimized theme in different niches and industries, and there are screenshots of them on the sales page of Shoptimized, but without links to these stores.

Shoptimized Store Examples

Shoptimized Theme Demo

If you want to explore a demo store that uses Shoptimized, then you can visit the Shoptimized sales page, and look for the “View Demo Store” which will lead you to their demo store to explore the different features and the look of the theme.

Shoptimized Demo Store

Real Shoptimized User Reviews

There are some user reviews for Shoptimized theme on Trustpilot, and they are positive about the theme features, quality, and support.

But honestly, I would expect better than 4.1-star rating for a premium theme.

Shoptimized Theme Price

Shoptimized theme is offered through three different plans:

  • Basic: $167 One-time payment for a 1-store license.
  • Pro: $197 One-time payment for a 3-store license.
  • Ultimate: $597 One-time payment for a 10-store license.

All the plans come with lifetime upgrades and support, along with the updater app to help you update your Shoptimized theme automatically without having to do it by yourself.

Shoptimized Theme Price

Shoptimized Theme Free Download

Shoptimized is not available to download for free, and if you find a version available for downloads, it would be outdated, and it would hurt your store and business with bugs and security issues.

If you can’t afford to buy Shoptimized for your store, then following are better alternatives.

3 Best Shoptimized Alternatives

There are many great alternatives to the Shoptimized theme, here are three options to choose from:

  • eCom Turbo: This theme costs much less than Shoptimized, comes with lifetime updates and support, and was created by a successful dropshipper. (Read eCom Turbo theme review)
  • Debutify: This is a paid theme with a free plan that offers some premium features. You can install the free version now, and when you have a positive cash flow, you can upgrade to any of the paid plans to get more features. (Read Debutify theme review)
  • Out of the Sandbox themes: These are not necessarily cheaper than the Shoptimized theme, but they were developed by a company that is owned by Shopify, and all of them come with different built-in styles to choose from, which can save you time, and even money instead of buying images or hiring someone to optimize your store for you.

Pro’s & Con’s of Shoptimized


  • Many features that can be used to boost conversions and profit.
  • Lifetime upgrades and support.
  • Auto updater app.


  • No built-in templates for different niches or industries, which means that you have to do everything from scratch.
  • Fits more general stores and POD stores.
  • The user reviews are not as high as they should be.
  • No free trial.
  • No money back guarnatee.

Who Is Shoptimized for?

Shoptimized is good for general and POD stores if you want to sell without inventory on Shopify, and can even be customized to other industries, but it would take time as it doesn’t have done-for-you templates to save you the time and effort.

The good is that it comes with lifetime support and upgrade, and with an app that can automatically update the theme on your store whenever an update is available.

Shoptimized Theme Support

The support for Shoptimized theme is available through submitting a ticket on their site, and they claim to have a 7-day support team.

There are also many articles about how to use the theme on their site.

On the sales page, they promise lifetime updates and support for the one-time payment.

Conclusion – Is Shoptimized Worth it?

Shoptimized theme is worth its price as it offers many useful features that can help boost your store’s sales, and it comes with free lifetime upgrades and support, unlike Booster Shopify theme that requires annual renewal fees.

But if it is expensive for you, you might consider any of the alternatives I offered earlier in this review.

If you still have any questions about anything in this honest Shoptimized theme review, or if you need help with other themes, feel free to ask me in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂


Quality & Support


Features & Ease of Use


Design & Flexibility


Value for Money





  • Lots of Conversion-Boosting Features
  • Auto Updates Through an App
  • Lifetime Upgrades & Support


  • No Available Templates & Styles
  • Customer Reviews Are Not High Enough
  • No Free Trial
  • No Money Back Guarantee

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