Shopify Wokiee Theme Review

Shopify Wokiee Theme Review

Is Wokiee worth it, or did the +17k buyers make a mistake that they bought it?

This honest and unbiased Shopify Wokiee theme review will help you know what makes this theme different, whether it was for you or not, and what alternatives are there to consider if Wokiee was not good for your Shopify store.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Wokiee Theme Review Summary

  • Name: Shopify Wokiee Theme
  • Website:
  • Founders: P-Themes
  • Quality & Support: 9.5 of 10
  • Features & Ease of Use: 9 of 10
  • Design & Flexibility: 9.5 of 10
  • Value for Money: 9 of 10
  • Testimonials: 9 of 10
  • Price: $99 For the1-store license with 6 months of support, $130.5 with a complete year of support.
  • Recommended? Yes.

Overall Rating: 9.2 of 10

Summary: Wokiee is a good Shopify theme that offers a wide range of flexibility on the design and appearance side of a Shopify store, and it comes with many features that can help you increase the revenue of your Shopify store.

The theme has lots of positive reviews on Theme Forest, and it is one of the best-sellers there.

What Is Special about Wokiee Shopify Theme

There are many advantages of using the Wokiee theme for your Shopify store, but here are the main ones:

1 – Wokiee Offers a Wide Range of Flexibility

Different from most of Shopify themes, Wokiee offers a wide range of flexibility in changing the design and look of your Shopify store, and without having to deal with codes or hire someone to do it for you.

Wokiee comes with tens of built-in home page layouts and skins to choose from, based on your industry, audience, brand, …etc.

And at the same time, Wokiee theme offers you to change certain sections of each page based on what you think is better.

For example, there are multiple header layouts that come with the Wokiee theme, where you can choose where to have the top menu, the search bar, the phone number, …etc.

And on different pages, you can choose whether to have a one-column layout, two-column layout with right sidebar, or with a left sidebar.

Wokiee Theme Flexibility

And this applies not only to the homepage of your Shopify store, but also to the product pages.

Also, you have multiple options for the main pages like the contact page, about us page, cart page, ….etc.

2 – Wokiee Is a Best-Selling Shopify Theme

Wookie was created by an independent Shopify theme developer, unlike the Shopify Turbo Theme, which was created by a Shopify-owned company.

However, among the Shopify themes developed by independent companies, Wokiee is on of the best-sellers with more than 17 thousand buyers in different industries, and it is one of the ones that have hundreds of 5-star reviews.

There are many reviews by real Shopify store owners happy with the theme quality, flexibility, features, and support.

3 – Many Revenue-Boosting Features

One of the main reasons of using a premium Shopify theme like Wokiee, in addition to the possibility of getting regular updates, is the ability to use certain features that can increase your store’s revenue and profit, without the need of using external paid apps that would slow down your store, and increase the long-term expenses with their recurring fees.

And Wokiee comes with many of these desired features, such as: the related items suggestions, multi-currency and language, adding product videos, the quick buy feature, …etc.

And many other useful features that we will explore now.

Wokiee Features That Can Help Your Store

Multi-Currency & Multi-Language

Offering your store’s visitors the ability to browse the store in their own language, and see the prices in the currency they prefer to pay with, can help in increase the convenience and familiarity with your store, which then helps in converting visitors into buyers.

And Wokiee offers the ability of adding a currency selector with few of the most important currencies, in addition to the ability to use right-to-left languages, but you need to use an external software in order to translate the store into the languages you want to offer.

Scarcity Countdown Timer

This feature helps in invoking urgency by showing a countdown timer on the product page that shows when the sale is going to end, which encourages the visitor to act fast and make a purchase before leaving your store.

Product LookBook

Similar to the same feature in Shopify Booster theme, this feature if Wokiee is a nice way to show the products you sell in action and between other products as if it were in real life, which helps the customer in knowing whether this product is what they would want to get or not, without having to imagine it.


Your customers can browse your Shopify store for as long as they want, and they can add different items they like, but have not yet decided whether to buy or not, to the wishlist, so that they come back later and decide which ones they want to purchase, and without depending on their memory.


Maybe you have different options of a certain product, and instead of having your potential customer go back and forth between the different product pages to compare certain points, you can make their lives easier by allowing them to add the different options to the compare list.

Wokiee Theme Compare Feature

And then, in one page, they can see a comparison table of all the options they considered, and they can make an easy analysis and decide which one to buy.

Product Page Additional Sections

One of the things that can help increase the conversion rates on your online store is to show enough details about the product you sell in an easy-to-consume way.

And this feature of Wokiee theme allows you to add information sections on the product pages of your Shopify store, so that you make it easier for the customer to find the exact detail they want to know by clicking on the related section, without having to go through a wall of text that includes all the information.

Wokiee Theme Product Page Sections

Size Guide & Shipping Pop-Up

Sometimes you want to show detailed information that is organized in a table, and when you do it on the product page, it might make it look overwhelming to the visitor.

That’s why Wokiee comes with the option to offer this information, like the sizing guide or the shipping details, in a pop-up window that the visitor can open to consume without interfering with the overall experience or browsing the product itself.

This is another way to provide the necessary details in an easy-to-consume way.

Buy-it-Now Button

Another cool feature of Wokiee, like it is with Empire theme, this feature allows the customer add the product they are browsing to their cart, and go directly to the checkout page, all in one click.

Amazon found that reducing the number of steps of buying online can significantly increase the conversion rates, like it is with their patented “1-Click Buy” button.

Advanced Product Filtering

This feature allows the shopper to filter the products you sell based on certain criteria such as: size, color, material, brand, country of origin, …etc., in order to see all the products that fit that criteria together without having to go to each individual product page to find out if it meets that condition or not.

This also enhances the user experience on your Shopify store, which makes them prefer to buy from you instead of going to a different store.

Social Proof Notifications

This is the ticker that appears on the bottom left corner showing the shopper that others are buying products from your store.

It helps in increasing the trust in your store and shows that it is an active one, which helps in pushing the shopper into buying.

Customer Reviews

Another social proof feature is the customer reviews that you can add to the products you sell, which makes the new comers to your store know if this product is a good one to buy or not.

This is why Amazon and other marketplaces encourage customers to leave reviews on the products they purchased, and this is why you would look for the product with more positive reviews on Amazon if you want to buy it.

Product Video

Some products, like gadgets and tools, require you to show your potential customer how they work in a video, so that they see the product in action, and know if it was useful or not.

And sometimes, it might be a dress or a piece of jewelry that someone wants to see in 360 degrees.

And Wokiee Shopify theme allows you to add videos to the product photos so that you can increase the engagement and convenience of your potential customers, and convert the biggest number possible into buyers.

Related Products

This feature allows you to show other products related to the product someone is browsing, and they could be complimentary products, or alternatives to the product being explored.

This adds convenience to the overall shopping experience, and might get the customer add more products to their cart before paying and leaving.

Upsell & Cross-Sell Feature

Similar to the previous feature of Wokiee theme, but this one allows you to offer the customer other products after they have already added a certain product to their cart, and these could be either upgrades to the existing product, or complimentary ones that are usually purchased with it.

Wokiee Theme Upsell Popup

Mega Menu

The mega menu helps shoppers to see all the available collections in one place, in order to find what they want more quickly.

Quick View & Quick ATC

This feature also helps shoppers to add more products to their cart without having to spend lots of time loading different product pages.

They simply hover over a certain product cart, and the ATC button will appear, they click it, and the product is added to their cart.

Or, they click the “Quick View” icon and a pop-up will appear with the product details, and with an ATC button.

Wokiee Theme Quick View

Sticky ATC Button

This button remains in the bottom of the screen while someone is scrolling down and up on the product page, so that when they decide that they want the product, they can immediately add it to their cart without having to search for the ATC at the top of the page.

Slideout Cart

A nice way to explore the shopping cart and edit it without having to go to the cart page itself, by simply clicking on the cart icon on the top right corner, and the cart will show in the right section of the screen.

Wokiee Theme Slideout Cart

Email List Signup Form

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of doing repeated advertising to the same people without having to continuously pay for ads.

This is why it has a high ROI.

And Wokiee allows you to easily create signup forms in order to ask your store’s visitors to join your list in exchange of something, like a small discount, and then you can use an automation software like the Shopify Email app in order to send automated or broadcast messages with promotions to the people on your list.

Phone Number in Top Banner

Sometimes people want to ask about something you didn’t mention on your store, and it is much more convenient for them to call a phone number instead of writing an email.

And with Wokiee theme, you can add your business’ phone number on the top of the page so that they can reach you faster.

Ajax Predictable Search with Images

This is similar to the autocompletion search feature on Amazon that shows suggested products when someone is typing something, but in addition to that, Wokiee theme shows the searcher the images of the products suggested, so that the shopper can find the exact product faster and go to its page directly.

Social Buttons

Two kinds of these buttons:

The first kind are the buttons that can be added to product pages in order to allow the shoppers to share a certain product they liked on their social feed, which is basically free advertising for you.

And the second kind of buttons are the ones you add to the footer of your Shopify store in order to lead the customers to your social media accounts, so that they follow you, and you can connect with them on regular basis and offer promotions and contests in order to increase trust and engagement with your brand, which translates into more sales and revenue.

Built-in Styles

As I mentioned earlier, Wokiee theme comes with many layouts of the home page that you can use in order to easily customize your store based on your niche, industry, products, …etc.

For example, some Wokiee layouts and skins are related to one-product stores, to grocery stores, tech stores, …etc.

You choose the one that is closer to your brand, industry, and products, and customize it from there by adding your own images and product.

Shopify Wokiee Theme Templates Layouts & Skins

Wokiee theme comes with more than eighty buit-in layouts and skins that you can choose from, based on your industry, brand, and products.

For example, you can choose a layout that is used to sell tech products, basketball gear, art, …etc.

Wokiee Theme Skins

Wokiee Theme Example Shopify Stores

There are more than 17 thousand buyers of the Wokiee theme, and they own all kinds and sizes of Shopify stores in different industries.

You can find a list of some of these stores on the sales pages of the Wokiee theme, and you can visit these stores and check them out.

Shopify Wokiee Theme Demo

If you want to view a demo store for the Wokiee theme before you buy it, you can do so by visiting their sales page, and when you scroll down, you will find a list of available skins and layouts.

From there, choose the layout you want to explore, click on it, and a new tab will open with a demo store with that specific Wokiee theme skin.

Real Wokiee User Reviews

The user reviews of the Wokiee Shopify theme are available on the marketplace where it is sold, Theme Forest.

There are hundreds of 5-star reviews showing praising the customer support, the quality of the theme, the high flexibility and customizability, the useful features, and more.

Wokiee Theme User Reviews

Wokiee Theme Price

Shopify Wokiee theme is sold for a one-time payment of $99, and you get support with it for six months.

If you want, you can pay another $31.5, totaling $130.5, and get support for one year instead of six months.

Wokiee Theme Price

Wokiee Theme Free Download

Wokiee theme is not available for free downloads, and if you find it, it would be pirated, outdated, and won’t come with support.

This will make many issues at your store such as security threats and bugs that would make you lose customers and money.

If you want other alternatives, you can consider the three ones in the following section of this Wokiee theme review.

3 Best Wokiee Theme Alternatives for Shopify

Here are the best three alternatives I recommend for the Wokiee Shopify theme, and you can choose the one that fits you better:

1 – eCom Turbo by Frank Hatchett – Best Price

This theme costs around the same price of the Wokiee theme, but instead of six months of support, you get lifetime free updates and support.

The downfall is that it doesn’t come with built-in layouts like the Wokiee theme.

Read my eCom Turbo theme review for more details.

2 – Debutify – Free Plan

Debutify is a premium theme that comes with many features that can enhance your brand and sales.

But it costs a monthly fee to get these features.

However, the nice thing is that Debutify comes with a free plan, which includes some of the premium features.

Check out my Debutify theme review for more details.

3 – Flex by Out of the Sandbox – Best Overall

Flex was created by a company that is owned by Shopify itself, which means that it will always be up to date with all the new changes on the Shopify infrastructure.

And it comes with many nice built-in layouts that you can choose from.

It costs more than the Wokiee theme, but the fact that it offers free lifetime updates, it makes it better on the long run.

And it comes with a 14-day money back guaranatee, while Wokiee doesn’t.

Flex is my #1 recommended Shopify theme.

Read my Full Flex theme review. (10% Exclusive discount code available in the review).

Pro’s & Con’s of Wokiee Theme


  • High customizability to fit your brand and industry.
  • Many built-in layouts and skins that can save you time and effort.
  • Good price.
  • Many useful features that can increase revenue.
  • Good value for money.
  • Many positive reviews from real users.
  • One of the best-seller Shopify themes on Theme Forest.


  • Support is only for six months, and then you need to pay for more support.
  • The layouts come without the photos when you buy it.
  • Misses some features like location maps, which is necessary for local businesses.
  • No free plan.
  • No money back guarantee.

Who Is Wokiee Theme for?

Wokiee theme could be useful for Shopify store owners in different industries, as it comes with many built-in layouts, and offers a lot of features that offer ways to increase sales on a Shopify store.

The price is good, but it requires recurring payments to keep getting the support and updates.

Wokiee Theme Support

You can get the support on your Wokiee Shopify theme from the developer itself, P-Themes.

The support can help with technical questions and bugs, but not with installation or customization.

Wokiee Theme Support

The support is included for six months with the original purchase of the Wokiee theme, but you can extend it by paying extra fees.

Conclusion – Is Wokiee Theme Worth it?

Wokiee theme is a great theme for Shopify stores, and it is well worth the money.

The only downfall is that the support is limited, and you need to pay in order to renew it, unlike it is with themes by Pixel Union and Out of the Sandbox that come with lifetime updates.

This is my conclusion of this Wokiee Shopify theme review.

If you still have questions, or if you need any help about anything here, please, ask me in the comments’ section below, and I will be happy to help you out 🙂


Quality & Support


Features & Ease of Use


Design & Flexibility


Value for Money





  • High Customizability
  • Many Built-in Layouts
  • Good Value for Money
  • Many User Reviews
  • Lots of Sales-Boosting Features


  • Support Requires Recurring Fees
  • No Free Trial
  • No Money Back Guarantee
  • Layouts Come without Photos
  • Misses Some Essential Features Like Maps

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